Original Prisoner cast member in Wentworth cameo

Not Val Lehman, not Colette Mann nor Fiona Spence -but one actress links 2 generations for Prisoner fans.


It was always a question when Wentworth was being mooted as a Prisoner re-imagining: would any of the original cast make an appearance?

Liddy Clark (pictured, left) had not one but two characters in TEN’s Prisoner series, first as child killer Bella Albrecht for two episodes in 1979 and then in 1983 as Sharon Smart, the victim of a crooked religious cult.

Next week on Wentworth she has a cameo sitting on a Parole Review board more than 30 years after she was last in the walls of Wentworth Detention Centre!

Clark was also a Queensland Labor politician in the Beattie government, briefly as state Minister for Indigenous Affairs when she was cleared of any wrongdoing in a “Winegate” scandal.

She also appeared in such shows as The Flying Doctors, Home and Away, A Country Practice, Play School, Fire and Tangle.

Must have been an amusing day on set for next week’s episode which airs at 8:30pm on SoHo!


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    1. For me, a big part of why Wentworth stands so tall on its own feet is because there’s merely occasional ‘kisses’ to the original, rather than having it in our face. The actors are all unconnected but definitely have the DNA of the characters; there’s bold changes, such as Meg Jackson being killed right in the very first episode, Doreen now being indigenous or Franky being highly intelligent. I think if (for example) the beloved Val Lehman became a major character, it would be too distracting and take me out of Wentworth itself. A subtle cameo is more than sufficient tribute.

  1. Liddy is actually the third actor to be in both shows. Anne Charleston played several roles (including Mum’s daughter and Reb’s mother) in Prisoner and Liz’s mother-in-law in Wentworth, and Alex Menglet was Ray Proctor in Prisoner and Joan’s fencing instructor in Wentworth.

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