Seven boss takes aim at Nine spoils


Seven CEO Tim Worner has taken aim at Nine for shadowing its content with Seven’s, and spoiling the main game for the audience.

“The networks are guilty of providing too much of the same thing and that hasn’t helped the situation,” he told The Australian.

It follows Nine casting Reno Rumble with former House Rules contestants, aggressively programmed against Seven’s own product.

“I feel like Nine are virtually match-racing us in terms of their scheduling with a show that actually features stars of a previous series of our show,” he said. “That has had its effects and I don’t think it has been particularly useful for Nine, but that’s a judgment for them.

“We will still be exhibiting the same amount of tenacity that we always have to stay number one,” he said. “We will be rolling our shows in and taking on all comers.”

As early as February this year Nine’s David Gyngell told media, “There’s a little bit of ground hog day going on when you look across the schedules at 7:30pm.

“Television at the moment, there’s nothing really popping that hasn’t popped before.”


  1. Can the network 7 and 9 expand their horizons. All it is from them is Cooking, Reno and Singing shows. (I honestly think one of them will combine the 3 genres to produce “Build and sing for your supper”). Can they expand from these 3 very stupid genres of reality TV.
    (Hint hint: Make an Decent Australian Survivor, it will rate)

  2. I love RenoRumble and also TheBlock when its on, i don’t like HouseRules.
    Didn’t Channel 7 copy Channel 9 when 7 put their news on for an 1hour just like nine

  3. oceanographer

    What is it with all these renovation shows? What a joke primetime tv has become. He’s right about the same old nonsense being shown by the networks every single night. If there’s a good alternative to these repeatitive reality shows people will switch over to it, its that simple.

  4. LOL, says the guy who commissioned a second season of House Rules to try and bookend The Block from both ends in the second half of the year.

    I guess this confirms that House Rules will be back later in the year as planned. Screw the audience, power to the executives!

  5. Secret Squïrrel

    Have to say with Seven and Nine it’s very much of a pot calling the kettle black most of the time. They’re as guilty as each other, whether it’s mirror programming, copying news formats, stealing program ideas, or matching what each does on their morning shows.

    Key personnel at both networks know what’s going on, know that it isn’t the best outcome for their audiences, and know that it simply leads to less viewers for each, but they will continue to race each other to the bottom because they don’t know how to behave any other way. Meanwhile, more and more people are discovering alternatives (legal, grey, and illegal) and telling their friends and families, too.

    If, like me, you have zero interest in watching nobodies in competitions dressed up as bad drama, then you have no reason to watch any of the commercial channels ever, except for live sport.

    • Well I guess I don’t have any reason to watch Commercials TV
      (Sitcom laugh track, speaking of which produce a local sitcom instead of producing an over supply of reality TV)

  6. Well I really think seven and nine are equally guilty but it’s across all aspects . News (hour long/afternoon editions), talent shows which followed idol, cooking which followed Masterchef and on it goes. I think ten deserves far more credit for original programming – just needs better and more strategic scheduling

  7. Just a bit rich from seven, there just as bad. Also for me Reno rumble is more enjoyable then house rules, because I know them and they casted ones that were likeable from block not just the annoying villains. I watch block every night and only watch house rules on Sunday and Monday. and the views are still coming in for all 3 reality shows, so we cant complain until we stop watching these reality shows. I much prefer real shows, eg GoT, arrow, flash, 100, I zombie, poi. But they don’t rate here

  8. I can not understand people watch this so-called reality dross. These programs are nothing more than really long advertisements dressed up as programs full of wall to wall product placement, no thanks! When this junk started appearing years ago with regular series pushed aside, I am many others went elsewhere, and we will not be not be back.

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