Axed: A.D.: The Bible Continues


NBC has confirmed A.D.: The Bible Continues will not be continuing to a second season.

The sequel to Mark Burnett’s The Bible is due to premiere in Australia on Nine tonight.

After debuting with 9.5 million US viewers it ended with 3.5m viewers.

While it was initially announced as an event series, writers were working on a second season.

There are 12 episodesĀ in total.

Source: Deadline


  1. This is the problem with airing it even a few months after the US, if it fails before it’s on locally many people will wonder if it’s worth investing the time, even for just 12 episodes.

    Knowing Nine this will either be bumped back to a later start or different night in a few weeks. Or they will double the episodes to burn it off quickly.

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