Rumour: AOK for The Chase

It looks like back to the future for Andrew O'Keefe as game show ringmaster.


TV Tonight hears whispers Andrew O’Keefe is set to host The Chase for Seven.

The game show is understood to be nearing production to aid Seven’s lead-in to the 6pm news. If a one-hour format proceeds it would effectively replace both Million Dollar Minute and repeats of Deal or No Deal.

The Australian suggests Seven tried to lure Eddie McGuire across with the game show and AFL, but he declined.

Having had both Grant Denyer and Simon Reeve as game show hosts, it appears to now be taking no chances and returning to Andrew O’Keefe who won the battle for years with Deal.

But it looks like a case of back to the future for the versatile O’Keefe who looks set to be making weekly flights to Melbourne and into the Coventry St studios to play ringmaster once more. Sometimes it’s a chore being so good at your job!

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  1. AOK, need to tame your personality…I luv the chase but you are putting us off the show. You already know that many people are getting annoyed, why are you still doing it? I don’t know how long we can watch this show anymore if you keep it up with your big, loud personality that comes across as fake and annoying with your over stretching words.

  2. What a disaster, can not stand AOK, what can he do?
    I will just stick to watching the British show, Bradley is 1000 times or more entertaining to watch & listen to than AOK.
    I can not stand his false laugh or the crap he says, how did he get the job? Channel 7 must have rocks in their heads to pick him.

  3. AOK seems to be the most fake person on Aussie TV. Can’t watch DoND any more. The Case is a great show but probably wouldn’t here without Bradley Walsh.

  4. Andrew is great but they need a fresh face. Personally he isn’t the right fit for this type of show. I don’t know who could do it in Seven’s stable but Andrew isn’t the one Seven should be asking.

  5. definitely agree with people suggesting a female host. there are plenty of choices, if The Chase finds a woman that can bring female viewers, without alienating the men it could be the point of difference the show needs.

  6. Dave Hughes would make a good Choice as host of The Chase he is a very funny Comedian so is Bradley Walsh – AOK is not a good choice and is not the right person as a host of The Chase

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