Rumour: AOK for The Chase


TV Tonight hears whispers Andrew O’Keefe is set to host The Chase for Seven.

The game show is understood to be nearing production to aid Seven’s lead-in to the 6pm news. If a one-hour format proceeds it would effectively replace both Million Dollar Minute and repeats of Deal or No Deal.

The Australian suggests Seven tried to lure Eddie McGuire across with the game show and AFL, but he declined.

Having had both Grant Denyer and Simon Reeve as game show hosts, it appears to now be taking no chances and returning to Andrew O’Keefe who won the battle for years with Deal.

But it looks like a case of back to the future for the versatile O’Keefe who looks set to be making weekly flights to Melbourne and into the Coventry St studios to play ringmaster once more. Sometimes it’s a chore being so good at your job!


  1. Michael Young

    Great show, but AOK is the reason that I will not watch … I find him annoying and fake. There are better options like Gretel K! Bad choice!

  2. You have to think that AOK is on pretty good $$$ at Ch7, at the moment all he is doing is Weekend Sunrise.
    After all Ch 7 is a business and would want to be getting good bang for their buck, so using AOK makes good business sense….. I’ll give him a go….

    • I do agree a female host would be a nice change but Gretel??? I can’t stand her on her Thursday spot on The Project and I don’t want her to screw up my favourite game show

  3. I’ve heard that Million Dollar Minute is being axed because someone won the million dollars, something that wasn’t supposed to happen when the show was formulated. If that is the case there is a precedent. Minute To Win It was pitched to Seven in 2008 with the promise that it was impossible to win the million dollar prize. When someone did Kerry Stokes was furious and phoned the producers saying the show was axed and to finish the episode they were currently producing and that was it. If someone has the audacity to win the big prize on The Chase it won’t be around for very long.

  4. I just don’t like the format because the Brains trust in the British version are such unlikeable personalities. AOK is not the right fit for this show unless the brains trust in this version lighten up.

  5. Andrew O’Keefe would be great on The Chase, a very likeable and energetic TV personality, can be serious when required, but not afraid to muck and joke around. Nine can keep Eddie, Channel 7 should bring back Tim Lane to TV for AFL instead.

  6. npstanley80

    There is no real reason for axing Million Dollar Minute it’s ratings are pretty good and in my opinion 7 should keep screening the Original Version of The Chase it’s great and very entertaining aussie versions of British Shows are usually flops

  7. When will Channel 7 and AOK learn. DOND is been beaten by Channel 9 Millionaire Hot Seat and now AOK could be host the aussie version of the chase.
    the only time i might watch AOK is when i flick over to weekend sunrise and he is hosting it.
    I don’t like AOK hosting game shows because his likability in my opinion is different.
    Hey David- what time slot did the The Rich List which was hosted by AOK have.

  8. Aussiecam58

    It wont work regardless as a lot of it is based on the Chasers and their personalities and we know zip who these people will be. AOK in my view is unsuitable. Someone like Glenn Ridge would be a perfect fit.

  9. npstanley80

    Another option would be Simon Reeve he is good as Quiz Master on Million Dollar Minute and It’s Academic – Please 7 not AOK he is not a good choice he hate his laugh it sounds so false

  10. I like AOK, I’m curious (but not excited) about The Chase and really want to see DoND repeats replaced but this might be playing it too safe. Dunno… But then maybe the questions might give AOK shining opportunities to employ his intellectual and often zinger-filled wit more than DoND ever did.

  11. strayamayte

    Seven what are ya doin? Seven? No! Not Andrew!!! Surely they could bring in somebody else? I’m sure a lot of people will be repulsed with this option. I certainly won’t give it a go.

  12. I dont watch tv at that time because I’m listening to Ben fordham on 2gb but if i did I definitely wouldn’t watch it I can’t stand Andrew

  13. I like AOK but I don’t think he’s right to host The Chase. It needs a more subtle host rather than someone really chatty and over the top like AOK often is. I love the format so I’ll be watching in any case, just hope Seven rush the show to air within months!

  14. npstanley80

    The Chase will Bomb with Andrew O Keefe as host he is not a comedian I can’t stand him they need to get a local equivalent of Bradley Walsh – Shane Bourne would be a much better choice

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