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TEN has announced the names of the 19 single ladies who are participating in the third season of The Bachelor Australia.

According to TEN these women “stood out from the crowd thanks to their intelligence, beauty and humour” (we may hold you to that) and are all now vying for the attention of Sam Wood. Please leave all used puns at the door.

Ranging in age from 24 to 34, they include a vet, a teacher, a dietitian, a publishing account manager and more.

Over a series of romantic dates and cocktail parties, these 19 ladies will be doing their best to capture Sam’s eye and win themselves a red rose.

Rachel, 28, a charity worker from Adelaide, said: “The Bachelor Australia looks like an incredible adventure and from watching previous seasons of the show, I have seen how it opens girls up to love.”

Ebru, 31, a financial portfolio manager said: “I don’t see putting yourself out there as a bad thing. I always search for love and I am sure it will come knocking soon.”

Sam Wood said: “Meeting all the girls for the first time is without doubt going to be a bit daunting, but I’m so curious to get to know them and hopefully there’s one I can fall in love with.”

The burning question however is, have any of them seen UnREAL, coming to Stan which completely mythbusts a Bachelor-style dating show?

The Bachelor 2

Bachelorettes (L-R):
Photo (top): Bec, Sandra, Heather, Laura, Rachel, Reshael, Snezana, Ebru, Madeleine, (Bachelor Sam Wood),
Photo (bottom):(Bachelor Sam Wood), Tessa, Sarah, Jacinda, Krystal, Jasmin, Emily, Nina, Jess, Joni, Zilda.


  1. Time this show got axed same with wonderland and family feud i hate grant denyer he is so annoying id rather watch tge news than put up with grant denyers usless commments
    i hate the project dont like pete hillier he is so annoying

  2. Which one will give wood some wood? (Wink, wink)

    Sorry but with that last name and the premies of the show, it was difficult not to make that joke.

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