The Chase tipped for 5pm slot

That local version of UK game show could be looking to get the jump on Hot Seat.


Seems media are finally getting wind of Seven’s plans for a local version of The Chase.

TV Tonight first revealed the show was happening in early May -and that was after Seven had danced around the idea a year ago.

Today News Corp suggests the show is being produced at “HSV Bouthbank Studios in Melbourne”  -the Coventry Street studios are actually owned by NEP (it acquired Global Television in 2013).

The report suggests the ITV produced show could move into the 5pm slot as a one hour programme, which would replicate the UK version, and give it a chance to draw viewers before Hot Seat at 5:30 (or even 5:25 most nights!). You can bet Seven will code-split the show across two half hours if that occurs.

One reader also tips that the show will have three Aussie brains trusts and one from the UK show.

Whether the show is launching later this year or early next year is unclear …as is the host.

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  1. It’s a good show for all demographics based on the UK version.
    They key is a good host and chasers. Bringing the UK ones into AUS on rotation would help IMHO.
    As for local host .. someone new and young as a good stepping stone

  2. You can guess who the first pic for the brains trust will be.

    MDM is in 3rd place in game shows, trailing by 150k viewers. They created excitement about if someone would win 1m or lose terribly, but that is a rather drawn out melodrama and one Andrew won not very interesting.

    DND is dead — they are just repeating it aren’t they? Not that matters every episode is the same. People don’t deal, they win a few thousand and a disappointed, repeat. If anyone did deal there wouldn’t be enough footage to make a 30 minute show.

  3. Based on the UK version, it would be cheap TV, as they rarely seem to give away the money. Get Shane Bourne to double up from DWTS & host it. Thinks fast on his feet, would be good host for this.

  4. I’ve said it before leave the Original British Version on the air it’s great Bradley Walsh is very funny there is nobody local that would make a good host and don’t tamper with the format and split it into 2 Half Hour Episodes – If the host is Andrew O Keefe I want watch it as I can’t stand him

    1. I agree that Bradley Walsh is a great host for the format, and Seven will struggle to find someone with the same charm. I’m hoping they bring out Mark ‘The Beast’ Labbett as a chaser!

    2. I would also think its a good idea to leave the original British Version on air. Its a good show. Bradley Walsh and the four Chasers are a great combination.

      Id have a short series run of the Aussie version to test its run. I don’t mind Andrew O’Keefe, as I liked him on The Rich List (but then again, found him annoying on Deal). Red Symonds is quite knowledgeable and is suited as a Chaser. I hope he’s on it.

  5. To me the host and chasers are the stars of The Chase. I’ve seen the US version and its just boring. I can’t see it working unless they fluke it with a good host. MDM for example the game is the star. A drovers dog could host it.

  6. A refreshed DOND would be a better idea for 5:30pm, ramp up the prizes, or maybe even time to bring the Wheel back, yes it failed badly on 9 a few years ago, but so did Family Feud, and look how that’s going somewhere else 🙂

  7. Not sure about this. I caught a few eps last year when overseas, and I found it all a bit creepy and bizarre. I didn’t connect at all with the big brainy dude or the host, but the format, which i assume they will copy down to the last detail will have the same feel. Casting may be paramount, or maybe not for me at all.

  8. There’s bad reaction on Facebook to this idea. Most want MDM and DOND to stay. Seven would be better off making new episodes of DOND. I thought the ratings of MDM were very good. I can’t see a one hour quiz show doing any good, Nine found that out when they extended Larry Emdur’s The Price Is Right to an hour.

  9. Seven should use the english host, Bradley Walsh, who has a great sense of humour and doesn’t over talk the contestants, which is what most Australian hosts tend to do.

  10. I like The Chase. But it has to be a little bit rigged doesn’t it…I mean, if the Chaser is so good surely there would have to be times when they catch all four contestants before the final chase. Has that ever happened?

    1. It happens sometimes. In that case all 4 players return and choose 1 player to play the final round for a very small prize to be split amongst the 4 (£1,000)

  11. It makes sense for it to be an hour. It’s an easy enough show to drop in and out of across the hour and still be able to pick up on what’s gone on. I often just have it as bit of background when I’m off during the week and duck in and out of it during the hour.
    It’s a good format, I hope it does well for seven.
    One does wonder if a few eps in primetime to launch it before the move to 5PM could be an idea though?

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