The very animated Paul Barry

Did you miss the moment Paul Barry became animated on Media Watch?


If you missed Media Watch last night then you missed the moment Paul Barry became animated -literally.

Barry was commenting on new software called Wordsmith that allows computers to write sports reports for Yahoo, and real estate copy for Homesnap.

Robbie Allen of Automated Insights said, “Last year we generated over 300 million stories with the Wordsmith platform. There’s a very good chance that you read content that you had no idea was generated by our software.”

Others such as Forbes, sports network BTN and Associated Press are using resorting to robots, or bots, to create content.

“Developers claim the software can be programmed to produce general news, movie reviews and, heaven forbid, even opinion,” said Paul Barry.

“Just think of it, an Andrew Bolt bot.”

“So what are the jobs that robots cannot do?” he continued.

“Complex investigations, analysis of issues and reporting live from the scene as a story is breaking, are all areas where humans still rule.

“So, I’m happy to say there are some jobs than could never be replaced.

“Like mine for example ..”

But it wasn’t long before he found himself animated, complete with pink-check shirt.

Maybe fake Mr. Barry could host a new chat show for ABC? I still miss David Tench.

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