Tuesday 28 July 2015

Report: Daily Free-to-Air Share
Channels:All Free-to-Air Channels
Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure)
Demographics: Total People (incl. guests)
Day-part: 18:00 – 24:00
Overnight and Consolidated
Network ABC13.5%11.7%
Network ABC24.2%2.9%
Network ABC30.7%0.6%
Network ABC News 241.0%1.0%
Network ABC TTL19.4%16.2%
Network 718.4%17.5%
Network 7TWO4.9%5.4%
Network 7mate4.1%3.6%
Network 7 TTL27.4%26.6%
Network 918.7%23.1%
Network GO!4.2%2.8%
Network Gem3.0%3.0%
Network 9 TTL26.0%28.9%
Network TEN13.5%18.0%
Network ONE4.1%2.6%
Network ELEVEN2.5%2.6%
Network TEN TTL20.1%23.2%
Network SBS ONE6.1%4.2%
Network SBS 20.9%0.9%
Network NITV0.2%0.0%
Network SBS TTL 7.2%5.1%


Report: Top 20 Programs
Channels:All Free-to-Air
Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure), Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth
Demographics: Total People
Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1A CURRENT AFFAIRNetwork 91,162,000349,000407,000212,00097,00096,000
2NINE NEWSNetwork 91,154,000323,000413,000233,000112,00073,000
3NINE NEWS 6:30Network 91,107,000366,000365,000208,00095,00073,000
4SEVEN NEWSNetwork 71,011,000212,000268,000178,000132,000221,000
5SEVEN NEWS / TODAY TONIGHTNetwork 7958,000207,000283,000169,000103,000196,000
6ABC NEWS-EVNetwork ABC820,000242,000240,000130,00085,000122,000
7THE HOTPLATE -LAUNCHNetwork 9784,000258,000268,00099,00074,00085,000
8HOME AND AWAYNetwork 7755,000194,000168,000163,00091,000139,000
97.30-EVNetwork ABC708,000194,000210,000140,00073,00091,000
10JOANNA LUMLEY’S TRANS-SIBERIAN ADVENTURE-EVNetwork ABC707,000167,000224,000130,00081,000106,000
11HOT SEATNetwork 9698,000190,000261,000156,00051,00040,000
12RESTAURANT REVOLUTION – TUENetwork 7676,000175,000156,000135,00092,000118,000
13FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT-EVNetwork ABC664,000159,000201,000143,00075,00087,000
14FAMILY FEUDNetwork TEN663,000211,000196,000109,00075,00073,000
15THE PROJECT 7PMNetwork TEN647,000165,000207,000123,00076,00076,000
16WINNERS & LOSERSNetwork 7604,000158,000191,00073,00090,00091,000
17TEN EYEWITNESS NEWS FIRST AT FIVENetwork TEN554,000133,000162,00090,00074,00096,000
18MODERN FAMILY RPTNetwork TEN547,000161,000191,00075,00057,00062,000
19WINNERS & LOSERS-EP.2Network 7539,000141,000182,00061,00074,00081,000
20MODERN FAMILY EP 2 RPTNetwork TEN529,000171,000187,00071,00050,00051,000


Report: Top 20 Programs
Channels:All free-to-air Multi Channels
Market: 5 City Metro (aggregate figure), Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide & Perth
Demographics: Total People
Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1FOYLE’S WARNetwork 7TWO253,00079,00083,00023,00035,00033,000
2AUCTION HUNTERS -EV TX1Network GO!250,00066,00061,00056,00037,00030,000
3OUTBACK TRUCKERSNetwork 7mate237,00041,00086,00053,00028,00029,000
4PUFFIN ROCK-AMNetwork ABC2236,00083,00058,00048,00021,00025,000
5BEN AND HOLLY’S LITTLE KINGDOM-PMNetwork ABC2229,00070,00058,00046,00025,00030,000
6PEG + CAT-PMNetwork ABC2228,00072,00056,00047,00026,00027,000
7PEPPA PIG-AMNetwork ABC2227,00082,00043,00056,00022,00024,000
8DAVID ATTENBOROUGH’S MADAGASCAR RPTNetwork ONE221,00058,00066,00051,00026,00021,000
9PETER RABBIT-EVNetwork ABC2221,00063,00067,00039,00021,00032,000
10PEPPA PIG-PMNetwork ABC2219,00084,00039,00048,00017,00031,000
11OCTONAUTS-PMNetwork ABC2217,00068,00052,00045,00019,00033,000
12SHAUN THE SHEEP-EVNetwork ABC2211,00033,00061,00044,00024,00049,000
13AUCTION HUNTERS -EVNetwork GO!211,00039,00059,00050,00028,00035,000
14DIRTGIRLWORLD-PMNetwork ABC2209,00085,00037,00044,00026,00017,000
15MOTORWAY PATROLNetwork 7mate206,00027,00080,00037,00025,00037,000
16CHARLIE AND LOLA-AMNetwork ABC2205,00072,00054,00041,00014,00024,000
17HIGHWAY PATROLNetwork 7mate204,00024,00081,00035,00017,00047,000
18FIREMAN SAM-PMNetwork ABC2203,00081,00034,00040,00028,00020,000
19NEIGHBOURSNetwork ELEVEN203,00057,00069,00040,00022,00015,000
20CURIOUS GEORGE-EVNetwork ABC2203,00039,00065,00047,00017,00035,000


Free to Air: 25-54 demographics (Overnight)

RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1NINE NEWSNetwork 9399,000122,000146,00067,00041,00024,000
2NINE NEWS 6:30Network 9394,000132,000133,00066,00041,00022,000
3THE HOTPLATE -LAUNCHNetwork 9378,000120,000130,00044,00036,00047,000
4A CURRENT AFFAIRNetwork 9365,000107,000129,00064,00037,00028,000
5THE PROJECT 7PMNetwork TEN341,00093,000106,00067,00038,00037,000


Free to Air: 18-49 demographics (Overnight)

RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1THE HOTPLATE -LAUNCHNetwork 9327,000102,000119,00038,00032,00037,000
2NINE NEWS 6:30Network 9311,000105,000106,00053,00029,00018,000
3MODERN FAMILY RPTNetwork TEN311,00088,000110,00043,00033,00038,000
4THE PROJECT 7PMNetwork TEN309,00078,000110,00051,00038,00033,000
5WINNERS & LOSERSNetwork 7309,00090,000108,00032,00038,00042,000


Free to Air: 16-39 demographics (Overnight)

RankDescription (grouped)Channel\Market(r) 5 City MetroSydneyMelbourneBrisbaneAdelaidePerth
1MODERN FAMILY RPTNetwork TEN220,00064,00080,00024,00026,00025,000
2MODERN FAMILY EP 2 RPTNetwork TEN217,00072,00079,00022,00022,00022,000
3THE PROJECT 7PMNetwork TEN210,00052,00070,00044,00021,00023,000
4RESTAURANT REVOLUTION – TUENetwork 7205,00060,00044,00041,00024,00037,000
5WINNERS & LOSERSNetwork 7199,00054,00069,00024,00026,00027,000


Report: Top 20 Programs
Channels:National STV
Market: National STV
Demographics: Total People
Day-part: 02:00 – 26:00
RankDescription Channel\Market(r) National STV
1LIVE: AFL 360FOX FOOTY106,000
6LIVE: NRL 360FOX SPORTS 159,000
14PEPPA PIGNick Jr.44,000
15PEPPA PIGNick Jr.43,000
18DOC MCSTUFFINSDisney Junior41,000


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  1. It’s great to see 7 and 9 both fail with their cooking shows (although I would have guess 7’s getting the slightly above 9’s ratings). Hopefully the lesson is learnt that we want variety in the programming. We do not want 2 networks airing a slightly different version of the same thing (first with Reno shows, now Cooking shows).

  2. Please can 7 and 9 employ David and some of the other posters on this site to revamp and invigorate their tired looking schedules, because whatever they are paying the current programmers, it is money down the drain.

  3. oceanographer

    I see Neighbours ratings starting to get even lower, almost not making the top 20 in multichannels. Home Away is slightly down a bit, Winners and Losers hit lower ratings – it doesn’t seem viewers are liking soaps much these days.

  4. Looks like the overexposure to cooking competitions is doing harm and the demographics are divided on top to make it worse. Maybe time for 7 and 9 to develop new ideas of their own – just saying. Same happened to Renovation programs overexposure recently. When will they ever learn.

    We watched winners and losers and then recordings off our DVR’s 🙂

  5. Oh my God, how bad was The Hotplate???? Awful, just horrible. The producers of MKR should sue for plagiarism, it is a dead set rip off of monumental proportions. Absolutely dreadful, I won’t be viewing again.

  6. spectrum warrior

    i watched both new cooking shows and hated both of them equally. But I did love Masterchef. Maybe Im cooking show fatigued! or maybe Australia is in need of some good programmers. Its a pity that all networks have to show the same programming. i even noticed that commercial breaks between 7 and 9 were synced together. For the first time this year i found the commercial were more entertaining than the programs. And you cant get any lower than that !

  7. Great to see the final episode of Joanna ‘s Trans-Siberian Adventures do surprisingly well in the ratings.
    So enjoyed this series.
    Really hope to see her back soon with another adventure in some exotic location or another.

  8. Can’t stomach Restaurant Revolution where wannabes set up fly-by-night eateries and serve meals they have never made before.

    And more fool the victims who are eating there.

  9. LOL Nine and Seven. What stinkers. Keep it up viewers and we might see some original thinking and programming from the clones for a welcome change.

  10. harrypotter1994

    Good to see Winners and Losers rating’s higher this week, not sure why the double was needed as I have recorded those. Not really any surprise over those Cooking shows ratings.

  11. What amazes me these days is how they keep repeating these shows. It started at 7.30 on Seven, then it got repeated at 10am on 7Two and then after midnight on 7Mate. Today it will be on 7 at midday then later in the week, then repeated on 7Two on Sat and Sunday. Are they kidding us??? I sort of watch both and both are lame. At Ten tries to give us an alternative product and they are trying new shows.

  12. Top 6 shows were all news and current affairs. I really think a late night(10.30pm) late night news show could work. Maybe a Clive Robertson /Graham Kennedy type thing. Update it to a panel type show. Would be a good way to end the night.

    • I reckon a decent comedy company style show would work with a lil bit of variety/cabaret acts thrown in. Like a modern Benny Hill Show.

      • I also think the anchor has to have a strong news background as well as a great sense of humour. Virginia Trioli really shone on Q&A on Monday night. Put her with a couple of smart comics and another newsperson could be an option. The mix is the key.

    • Ten tried “This Week Live” in 2013… while not late night, it was supposed to be a news discussion (I think) and didn’t fire.

      But that was also the time when any new show Ten launched was almost certain to fizzle – it’s time they tried again.

      • When the billionaires were sitting on the board of directors interfering with program content. Ten is a new animal now and thank goodness the ship did not sink or we would just be left with 7 and 9 and we watch little on patronizing ch. Nein 😉

    • I’d love to see the return of Ten (Eyewitness) Late News but it would only work if they had a more relaxed/funny but still reputable anchor at the desk. Sandra Sully is a seasoned pro at Late News but since Brad Mcewan is in Melbourne and she’s based in Sydney I can’t see this hilarious duo happening anytime soon.

  13. bettestreep2008

    Thanks David for telling us what GBTWYCF rated. Sad to see a couple of crap cooking reality shows and Modern Family repeats rated better – but given the current culture in Australia its not surprising.

    Was going to slam Ten for dishing up repeats the day after they got their best ratings all year – but checked the demos and MF repeats outrated the two exepensive cooking reality shows on seven and nine. Strange.

    As for the two reality shows – I think Seven would be the most worried. Didn’t they already set up the pop up restaurants around the country last week? So all those people that queued up to dine in the restaurants must have been the only people watching Revolution?

    As for Hotplate – saw the promos and it looked exactly like MKR. A bunch of cooks just bitching and whingeing about other cooks food.

    Glad to see both rated below 1m – but both networks are committed to…

  14. barrington bumbaclaart

    Those figures for Go Back are embarrassingly bad. I’m not surprised really as it was exactly the same as the previous seasons, but with less intelligent participates. CJZ & SBS really should have shaken up the format, given us something different and fresh. It was a very well made show but people obviously don’t want to watch the same thing over and over again so in the regard the producers failed big time.

    The odd thing is that the show was the number one trending hashtag on twitter. So I guess a low but engaged audience.

  15. I watched Hot Plate & was surprised how much it was almost identical to MKR and I don’t want another 3 months of MKR so I’m out. Whose idea was it to have people judging a real restaurant where the waitress does the cooking and the real staff have the day off? It’s insane and could potentially ruin their business reputation. I live in Perth and won’t be rushing to Christina’s

  16. Tried The Hotplate and Restaurant Revolution last night. Hotplate was cringe-worthy and I felt that the judges tried too hard to make it dramatic. Wasn’t surprised that both got low ratings and I don’t think both networks would be satisfied with such low debuts. Hopefully both will tank :).

  17. Deserved ratings for Hot Plate and Restaurant Revolution. I can only see them dropping from here or staying where they are at best. Seven and Nine have treated their audiences with contempt all year by this scheduling of similar reality shows against each other and their rapidly dropping ratings is the result of it. I don’t particularly think Ten’s upcoming programming of The Bachelor and Spelling Bee is necessarily great television either but at least it’s a point of difference. Looking forward to the day when one of the networks realise that audiences want something other than reality to watch. I miss the days when we had a variety of shows to watch like dramas, entertainment shows like Rove live, comedy shows like Thank God you’re here. The first network that starts offering some variety to their schedule I think will reap the rewards.

  18. So both cooking shows flopped. What a surprise… 9 better rush in The Block Kids and 7 better rush in The X Factor Kids quick smart!

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