Airdate: The Late Show with Stephen Colbert


A number of readers have been asking about plans for The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.

It begins on ELEVEN from Wednesday September 9th.

11:30 The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
12:30am The Late Late Show with James Corden (Thu Sept 10)

This will screen same day as the US (presumably with Friday episodes to air on Mondays in Australia).

The confirmation from TEN today is a change of heart from earlier advice that it was only taking Corden, which has been airing for several months.

Good news!


  1. Awesome they’re actually putting him on! Just noticed ‘One’ are airing Letterman’s last week again 2pm from Tuesday… maybe planning to repeat Colbert there as well?

  2. I’m sure this had something to do with the fact that CBS partly owns Eleven. Why else would TEN be adamant that it wouldn’t air Colbert then change their minds just before it premieres? I also agree with other comments that airing late night shows in late night is unnecessary. I believe E! airs Jimmy at 5:30pm and ABC2 previously aired him at 6:30pm and it worked well for them. Just because they are late night shows doesn’t mean they can’t work in earlier timeslots. Personally I prefer the arvo timeslots as it is a bit of easy viewing after work – but that might just be me.

  3. Considering the general repeat-ness of Eleven, I’m amazed they won’t even experiment with this in a better timeslot. Surely the Colbert name (even when pronounced ‘Col-burt’) has enough cachet that it would be worth a brief gamble?

  4. Eleven responded to a tweet on twitter the other day asking if they were going to air this and their response pretty much gave it away that they would be airing it. Could definitely be in a better timeslot, but they’re showing it nonetheless. Now let’s just hope the start times aren’t too staggered from overruns of movies etc.

  5. Eleven’s 8:30pm onward schedule needs a shake up, get rid of all the old movies, get rid of double/triple episodes of shows such as Sex in the Rules of Everybody Dating Naked New Girl FurtraSimpsons.

  6. Full Harddrive

    Great stuff. Was walking past the Ed Sullivan theatre last week with signs advertising this and was forlorn to think I couldn’t watch it. Thanks Eleven!! No doubt I’ll grow tired of it but my initial curiosity is high!
    Caught some of Conan O’Brien on TBS while in the states and was disappointed. How mighty have fallen.

  7. Yay! Not a fan of Corden or his guest format of having them all on at once (deeply miss the man Ferguson and Letterman) so am looking forwards to this.

  8. Great news. Would have loved a 10.30 or even 9.30 start for these but understand Network Ten will encounter better ratings on Eleven with movies in the 9.30pm slot.
    Really do wish Eleven had stuck the repeats that they were doing for a little while with Corden. Would be great if these two were on 4pm-6pm daily as well.

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