Downton Abbey has left the Castle


Cast members from Downton Abbey appeared at a panel on the Television Critics Association tour in the US on the weekend, looking back on a heralded series.

There are just two more weeks of production remaining on the sixth season, but filming at Highclere Castle has already wrapped.

Laura Carmichael (‘Edith Crawley’) said, “It was strange saying goodbye to Highclere Castle because it felt like in a split second it wasn’t our home anymore.”

Michelle Dockery (‘Mary Crawley’) said she and Carmichael sat on Matthew’s bench and had a bit of a cry.

“We didn’t want to leave. Laura and I wandered around for the last time, and suddenly we didn’t want to go home. It was really funny,” she said.

Hugh Bonneville (‘Robert Crawley’) added, “We were all expecting to finish after Series 5.

“[Creator] Julian [Fellowes] said he felt it would feel a bit truncated, so he asked if we would do another nine episodes.”

Elizabeth McGovern (‘Cora Crawley’) said, “I’ll miss the peace of it. In today’s world, we’re so inundated with information.” And she’ll miss being on a hit TV show, she joked.

Asked about the possibility of a movie, producer Gareth Neame said,”There’s rumour and speculation. I’m not denying anything, but there’s no firm plans. I think a Downton movie could be a wonderful thing, but we don’t have a script or a plan or anything as yet.”

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  1. One hopes that when Channel Seven eventually show the final season (when almost everyone has seen it on DVD)that they return it to Sunday nights for the final season.

    • I’m guessing that the popularity of Downton Abbey means the owners of Highclere Castle will be able to successfully run tours of their estate for years to come. Hopefully that will help with the upkeep of that magnificent building.

  2. Sorry to see the end of Downton Abbey. It is/was such a breath of fresh air from the usual cop/lawyer/hospital dramas on TV these days. The characters of Downton Abbey were wonderful, and the historical period so richly rendered. *Sigh*

    I hope Julian Fellowes can create something equally magical with his new series, The Gilded Age, which will be set in late 19th century New York.

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