Seven retreats on Restaurant Revolution after dire launch

Now airing 2 nights a week, after plummeting to 415,000 viewers.


Seven has frantically rescheduled Restaurant Revolution after disappointing numbers this week, pulling it back from 4 nights a week to 2.

It will now run double episodes on Monday (7:30pm) and Thursday (8pm) -still four hours a week.

But it has had to resort to factuals Dr Harry’s Craziest House Calls on Tuesday and Border Security on Wednesday to fill in the holes.

It’s a rare move by Seven to blink so early on a failed format (it previously stuck to its guns much longer on House Rules, The Mole and The Big Adventure when they all tanked, and managed to see House Rules strengthen). Even Celebrity Splash fared better than this.

This week Restaurant Revolution launched with 676,000 viewers, but within two days it had plummeted to just 415,000. Nine’s Hot Plate also lost ground, but not as dramatic, from 784,000 to 656,000. Both lagged behind TEN’s The Bachelor.

But on Monday TEN launches The Great Australian Spelling Bee, which enjoys another point of difference from cooking overload.

Meanwhile Ramsay’s Hotel Hell is now out on Monday while Tuesday also sees a double Winners and Losers, bumping Chicago Fire out of its return.

The burning question is: how soon can Seven get to The X Factor?

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  1. Seven shot themselves in their own foot. Basically no one will watch 7 on Monday and Thursday now and Dr Harry won’t fix much. Also unsure what the point of double W&L is

  2. Not all of these shows need to be 4-5 nights a week, 6-7 hours a week – so many of the complaints about these shows apart from format fatigue is how drawn out they are becoming in terms of hours on air to get the same result we used to see in reality shows 10 years ago that aired 1 or sometimes even two hours a week.

    The first series of the block was an hour a week – yet each week it still delivered a room and a result – the block now is 6 times longer in terms of hours on air.

    Ever seen Masterchef US version? One hour a week, one elimination a week over 13 weeks. Quick, concise, not drawn out, over in an hour – onto next show…

    1. Agreed! Each reality TV show in this country requires such a commitment of time. 4-5 episodes a week and each episode goes for almost 2 hours. It’s ridiculous!! Cut the shows back to tight 1 hour episodes like they do in the US.

  3. The cooking show genre is done to death and hoplate is a rip off of MkR. That’s why I won’t watch either .bring back drama and Aussie comedy., other wise Netflix will do me fine.

  4. I won’t be watching if children can spell correctly on prime time viewing, nor will I be watching how to boil an egg. I will be either streaming much better quality viewing or watching Foxtel.

  5. I’d rather want to see double episodes of RR on Wednesday and Thursday from 7:30pm in addition to The X Factor returning to 7. That way we don’t have a huge overload of shows in one night.

  6. Agree with most comments 7 and 9 are getting ridiculous with so many renovation and cooking shows most of them should have never been filmed, do they think that reality shows like these are going to go on for ever, viewers can only take so much, surely there are many more programmes that they can televise that are more attracted to the public, also with so many channels to watch and so many variations of viewing it does take its toll on the free to air television. Why cant they make some good comedy shows like the UK do, even the re-runs of their who-dun-it and comedy television are still getting good numbers even though they have been repeated so many times, surely we have writers in this country that can put together some decent shows.

  7. Dr. Harry’s CHC has been out on DVD at my local library for years. Seems someone at 7, using the DVD as a drinks coaster, thought “This will do”.
    So, if no one is watching 4 hours per week of their revolutionary hot new show why does 7 think anyone will watch…um…2 x 2…wait…um…4 hours per week?

  8. All the judges annoy me, especially the female judge who is way too negative and serious for the format. Making the contestants pitch their restaurant three times in a week, cooking a meal in a building site, the female judge mentioning dietry requirements 50 mins into a 1 hour pre prepared challenge, it’s was all too much for me.

  9. I like to say a few things about Restaurant Revolution
    1. Is the main sponsor Coles. If yes, like Coles prices, Restaurant Revolution’s ratings are going down, down, down…

    2. Can anyone tell me what happens when a reality show gets taken off the air. Does the prize money become null and void?

    3. I originally intended to watch RR as a marathon catch up at the weekends.
    Looks like I would have wasted my time trying to. That is why I have given up on this show before I have even seen a episode. The MKR rip off show is no good either.

    1. I thought it was standard for any gameshow / prize show that if the episode is not aired, the prize is not honoured. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a Mole series which due to dire ratings, the finale was delayed thus the winner was not guaranteed their money until it was aired?

  10. Its just like when the planking craze took off on social media. Sooner or later it runs out of puff. And so it is with cooking shows – this is Seven’s “planking” moment. They copied all the other “plankers” – fell off and looks like they’re seriously hurt for what would just normally be a bit of copycat fun. Too bad. Nice to see Ten rising phoenix-like. I wish they’d all “discover” drama again and save their industry from oblivion in the process.

    1. Sooner the cooking shows die out the better, bunch of flogs on each one. The reno shows need to be cut down dramatically to. It would be nice if the commercial networks took a chance on some series involving a script!

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