The Chase Australia: promo

As revealed by TV Tonight (an eternity ago) Andrew O’Keefe is host of upcoming quiz show, The Chase.

This Seven promo plays up the British ‘governess’ Anne Hegerty as one of several Chaser brains trusts. Also appearing is Brydon Coverdale, ex-Million Dollar Minute contestant.

The show is expected for an afternoon timeslot shortly.


  1. Just saw another promo showing the 4 chasers. the Governess aka Anne. the Shark aka Brydon. the Goliath aka Matt Parkinson and finally the Supernerd and I didn’t the recognise the person.

    • I was half asleep, but swear I heard an ad with the Governess saying, “You know nothing….but I do.” For a learning/knowledge based show, surely no-one could have written that! Apart from the grammar, it just doesn’t make sense. Try, “You don’t know anything….I do.” Or funnier, “You don’t know anything. I know everything.”

  2. Will be interesting to see how AOK does hosting this.
    I would of preferred Mark Labbett (aka the Beast) as a Chaser but at least they have cast one of the British chasers in Anne Hegerty. Do we know if it will run for an hour?
    Anyways I am looking forward to it!

  3. I hate the show with a passion & I love quiz shows. Can’t stand the superiority of the ‘Brains”. I just do not think it will translate well with a British Brain.

  4. Hope 7 Keep screening the British Version as well they can easily change it to 7 Two or 7 Mate I very much prefer Bradley Walsh to Andrew O Keefe Bradley is genuinly funny being a professional comedian which Andrew isn’t

  5. The Chase USA is currently on their 3rd season. They have only one Chaser, Mark (The Beast) from the UK series and it’s on 9/8 central one day a week on a channel I’ve never heard of. So it will be interesting how Seven does things

  6. I’ll give it a go as I enjoy Andrew on Deal or no Deal and Weekend Sunrise. It will be good to see Brydon again. I just hope this doesn’t mean the end of Million Dollar Minute.

  7. I’ll give this a shot. They’ve got the look of the studio right and at least Anne and AOK are cast well. All that remains is the characterisation of the other three.

  8. If they put this on one weeknight in primetime, I reckon it would have a pretty good shot at performing better than some of their current shows. Cats comes to mind.

  9. I am actually quite excited about this. I love watching the UK version when I have time off during the week.
    I’ve never understood all the A-OK hate either, I really like him, he’s funny, adaptable and an engaging presenter.
    Hell…he kept opening 26 briefcases in half an hour fresh for the better part of a decade….the man deserves a medal!!

  10. The Show will bomb with Andrew O Keefe as host I cannot stand him – They will probably send more Viewers over to Hot Seat On 9 or Channel Ten’s News AOK Cannot handle a 1 Hour Game Show and I hate his inane laugh

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