Airdate: Quantico


Seven has confirmed a premiere date for new US series Quantico, which opens with a terrorist attack at the FBI Academy.

It begins 8:30pm Sunday October 11th, two weeks after its US premiere yesterday. Quantico is one of several titles Seven had promised to be fast-tracked in September.

Quantico opened strong in the US on Sunday night with 7.1m viewers – American US Network ABC’s best numbers in the 10pm slot since 2012.

Described as “Homeland meets Grey’s Anatomy”, Quantico has earned the best reviews of any broadcast drama premiere in the US this season.


    • Its really disappointing how loose the definition is for fast tracking. It’s about as loose as a show being promoted as starting at 8.30pm and not actually starting till 8.42pm. Can we believe anything the commercial free to air networks tell viewers anymore?

  1. Quantico is not a big budget cable show with good writing and acting like Homeland (the good seasons anyway). It’s quite clearly a copy of crazy conspiracy shows that have been successful on ABC like Scandal and How To…

    Reviews of the pilot are not great giving it 6/10, like most of the new shows (The Player gets 4).

    Seven promoted a new lineup starting in Sept. And that Quantico would be Fast-Tracked but never gave a date. It is impossible for Quantico to run on a Sunday before the 11th. It wasn’t available till yesterday and Sunday is the NRL GF. That is as ASAP.

    • It’s not ASAP. On Thursday we have Border Security. On Sunday we have Extreme Airports. The following Thursday there is Highway Patrol -and a repeat at that. Sure, in an ideal world an early week slot isn’t avail until later. But the answer is don’t send out press releases making statements to viewers if you can’t follow through.

      • I wish there was a button where I could block comments from certain posters. I’m all for free speech and everyone is entitled to an opinion but hide button would mean I didn’t have to read it anymore.

      • I doubt they would be planning on that, but may bump Quantico if it does badly. With The X Factor gone on Sundays they can stack dramas 4 deep behind Sunday Night.

        There is Monday night behind The X Factor still unannounced (something is before How To.. at 10:45pm). 8:30pm Thursday before The Blacklist.

        And they also could be keeping Blindspot in reserve for a week in case Heroes Reborn/The Player need to be bumped back an hour on Wednesday.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    So, not fast-tracked and not in September. I’m going to go out on a limb here (altho’ it is a very sturdy limb) and say that it won’t start at 8:30 either.

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