Fast-tracked shows set to miss Seven’s “Super September”

With just 5 days to go Seven looks like not delivering on a programming promise.


With just 5 days to go Seven looks like not delivering on titles it promised for its “Super September.”

A press release dated August 13 indicated all of these shows would be airing in September:

The X Factor,
800 Words,
The Chase Australia,
Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door,
Heroes Reborn

Not Confirmed:
The Player,
Beach Cops
Gold Coast Medical,

Mesmerised is due shortly but unlikely to screen this month.

The delays follow a change of heart on Heroes Reborn airing “Same time as US.” It begins in the US today and airs next Wednesday night, while “fast-tracked” show Blindspot aired in the US this week.

Instead, next Tuesday night viewers will be treated to a special on AFL captains or a 2002 movie while Wednesday night includes Caught on Dashcam, before Heroes Reborn.

Not so Super, really…


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  1. i really couldn’t care less as its irrelevant to my viewing schedule now. So many shows are coming & going from our screens at a rapid rate & being switched timeslots etc that its near impossible to really follow any FTA show properly, apart from the staples like NCIS etc, but anything new, why bother trying? I sometimes watch the first episode, or part there of, to gauge whether its worth sourcing from elsewhere but i don’t actually expect they are going to play the full season or in the same timeslot.

  2. adverting a show as fast tacked doesn’t make it so, don’t they realise people will notice, if networks want flexibility in scheduling then hold off on the promos till you know for sure when a show will air

  3. Hearing that NBC deciding to launch Heroes as a double ep meant one less timeslot available for new shows. But I suspect local Sales dept pushed for an AFL special to run Tuesday night, negating another one.

  4. Seven’s “Super September” is proving to be as inaccurately named as Ten’s “Super Sunday” from a couple of years ago. A lot of fanfare followed by a fizzle.

    I see that Seven have taken on board my suggestion for a show consisting of other people’s dashcam footage now that they’ve run out of pet videos. Will it be skateboard and BMX stax next?

  5. Heroes Reborn and The Player air on Thursday on the US. They were never going to fast-track them on a Friday night instead of the AFL finals, so would be on early October. That was obvious when they were announced (I pointed it out). Nor as you’ve point out is there any point in trying to launch new shows on Monday nights before the Brownlows.

    The X Factor, The Chase, 800 Words, Peter Allen were promised for Sept. Quantico and The Player have been promoted as coming soon. Blindspot hasn’t had promotion and was added later.

    Same time doesn’t mean the same second. If they start them a week or two late they will catch up by the first production break or preemption in the US.

    Not being Fast-tracked is the Muppets which may not air till March or even later.

  6. So disappointing. I thought Seven were going to play these shows at midday then have a primetime replay, similar to Foxtel did with Game Of Thrones. Now it seems we’re waiting longer and longer than the term fasttracking implies

    1. Free to air will never air during the day live US time or close enough to it then do a prime time repeat as this would cannibalise prime time audiences and thereby affect their prime time ratings.

      With Foxtel however the ratings value of shows are based on total reach – not just prime time overnights or consolidated figures.so it isn’t a problem for them to fast track live.

      Having said that though, there are still alot of shows on Foxtel that could be fast tracked but still aren’t – some with many months of delays.

  7. And they wonder why people are not watching free to air TV as much. We live in a now world not a whether its them world. No wonder people download off the net…..

  8. Yeah, I’m really disappointed in 7.

    They said they were fast tracking blindspot, yet it’s already started in the USA and we don’t even know when it is being played here.

    Still wanting to know what they’re planning with the muppets and if they’re ever going to show us agent carter as well.

  9. What a joke! The networks do things like this and then go running to the government crying about people using torrents to watch these shows. Foxtel seem to be the only ones getting it right at the moment. Even though some shows are not fast tracked the same day or even week, I know that they are coming and when they are (eg. SHIELD and supergirl) so am happy to wait. For those who can’t wait they will just stream from US TV sites or download free episodes from US iTunes.

  10. Heroes Reborn won’t be watched in any great numbers. They should have put it on Ch7 tonight in the rugby league states and 7mate in the AFL states. Then repeat it after the AFL on Saturday night. From next week put in on 7mate nationwide.

    I’m not even sure why I’m going to watch it.

      1. Pretty pathetic really if people can’t wait a week, but I think r2thez hits the nail on the head – it’s not necessarily about them airing within a couple of days but about viewers knowing exactly when they will be airing and being able to trust the network to air them at the advertised time. For some reason Aussie networks believe it best to leave informing viewers of when their shows are on until the last possible minute – and then still rescheduling and running it 20 minutes late. If you knew for sure it would definately be on next Wednesday at the advertised time you’d be more inclined to wait.

        1. If you have any sort of internet presence its pretty hard to avoid internet spoilers especially for a series return like heroes reborn that has a lot of hype. I don’t think calling people pathetic for wanting to see a show they have been waiting for where its been well known for months what the US airdate is the best choice of words.

          Whereas heroes reborn doesn’t interest me greys anatomy does. It aired in the US on Thursday and I already know some major plotlines from that episode so the first episode is already ruined for me and 7 haven’t even determined an airdate.

        2. The more pathetic thing is that in this day and age where take for instance, Downton Abbey is shown in the UK in September, the DVD is available for purchase in November/December and Seven shows it in about May. That’s pathetic.

  11. They wouldn’t treat reality shows like this but are more than happy to stuff around drama viewers.

    7 have said they are going to fast track greys and that airs this morning in the USA.

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