Cornelia Frances returning to Home & Away


Cornelia Frances is reprising her role as Morag on Seven soap, Home and Away.

Digital Spy reports she was recently spotted filming on location, sparking speculation she was set to make another comeback.

Her son Lawrence later confirmed the rumours on his Instagram account, but said, “Mum will be back in Home And Away in Jan/Feb, 2016 but won’t be regular which she also wishes it was.”

In 2011 she said, “Whenever they ask me back, it’s a compliment. But she’s a very strong character, and maybe it’s hard to write for [her] all of the time, but I’d like to be there all of the time.”

Frances, who first appeared as Morag in 1988 last appeared in 2013.

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  1. I’ll start watching again once she’s back. I think one of the reasons the character’s hard to write for is Morag’s smarter than all the others put together.

  2. One of the problems with H&A is that their long time characters, have such a rich history that rarely seems to be explored. Alf has a son and grandson who are never mentioned; Irene has three kids and at least one grand child which she carried no less; Roo has a daughter Martha who has never been in the show at the same time apart from when she was born; Leah has a whole Greek family that never visits; with Maralyn at least they mentioned Donald recently,as far as i’m aware there was no appearance though. As for Morag she was very close with Roo in the early days, she was like a daughter to her. This closeness was not apparent when between Geogie Parker (the new Roo) and Corneilia last time she was on. But having Cornelia back is always a good thing, shes one of our Soap legends through her roles in The Young Doctors, Sons & Daughters as well as H&A.

    • Agreed, ive been saying this for quite some time, the show is lacking a solid family block these days, they have all these mis match kids living with random people, would make sense to have Fin come back with her hubby and kids and live with Irene, or shift everyone out of the caravan park house and bring back Carly and Ben (recast him) and their kids and run the caravan park.
      The show has really lost its way….

    • All good ideas but where were they going to fit all these storylines in when all the writers have cared about since the Braxtons arrived are the Braxtons. Lack of diverse storylines involving different characters is why I gave up home and away.

      • Roo and her beau, the doctor & the cop, Maddie and Tank, Josh on life support, the murder, Marilyn & John, Charlotte & Matt, etc. The Braxtons? Isn’t there only one left?
        Meanwhile, great to see Morag back. Alf talking to her on the phone now and again is a tease.

        • Don’t know about these storylines as I gave it up before these things happened but most of the characters you mentioned were background characters to the braxtons for so long so its a bit too late to put them suddenly in the forefront. If these storylines were working would the other comments on this thread have been made looking for something different?

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