Voting opens for 2016 Logie Awards


Voting is now open for the 2016 Logie Awards.

Voting opens early this year (2015 opened on January 12 this year, and 2014 in early February of the same year).

This year the awards have ditched the wording of “Most Popular” in the public-voted categories for “Best.” That could make for some confusion with the jury-voted “Outstanding” categories (ie. Best Presenter & Most Outstanding Presenter).

A Best News Panel Or A Current Affairs Program category has been added, plus Most Outstanding Supporting Actor and Most Outstanding Supporting Actress in the industry-voted awards. Streaming service titles such as Stan’s No Activity have also been included, but not Plonk or YouTube’s The Katering Show. There don’t appear to be any Community TV entries.

The Best Entertainment category, which covers Comedy, Talent, Variety, Music, Talk, Game, even includes Eurovision Song Contest (which was produced internationally with local inserts) -and the 57th Logie Awards themselves!

Restaurant Revolution is nowhere to be seen, presumably not submitted by Seven. Neither is The Bolt Report, Sammy J and Randy in Rickett’s Lane or cast members of Nowhere Boys. Only 3 of the Shark Tank cast make it into Best New Talent. Cast nominated for 800 Words appear to be those who are Australian-based, not NZ.

Voting is also open for The Divorce before the show even airs (December 7) on ABC -ditto for Carols by Candlelight.

Once again those nominated in Best New Talent are ineligible in the Best Actor / Actress categories -which also rules them out for Gold. The Gold only comprises those in Best Actor, Actress or Presenter categories. Voting does not allow you to write in a name that isn’t already offered.

Here are those listed in 2 sample categories:

Best New Talent:
Adam Dovile (Better Homes and Gardens)
Chris Edmund (The Great Australian Spelling Bee)
George H. Xanthis (Open Slather / The Principal)
Joel Jackson (Deadline Gallipoli / Peter Allen: Not The Boy Next Door)
Laura Hughes (Open Slather)
Mimi Elashiry (#MTV It Girls)
Pia Miller (Home and Away)
Steve Baxter (Shark Tank)
Ben Gerrard (Open Slather)
Dan Reilly (The Block)
Hannah Monson (Glitch)
Jonathan Brown (Friday Night Footy + On The Couch)
Madeleine Madden (Ready For This)
Naomi Simson (Shark Tank)
Rahel Romahn (The Principal)
Tessa De Josselin (Home and Away)
Benson Jack Anthony (800 Words)
Elaine Crombie (8MMM Aboriginal Radio)
Harry Greenwood (Gallipoli)
Joshua Sitch (Little Lunch)
Matt Wilson (Neighbours)
Olivia DeJonge (Hiding)
Sara West (Winter / Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door)
Tom Parker Bowles (The Hotplate)
Brooke Boney (SBS World News)
George Megalogenis (Making Australia Great)
Janine Allis (Shark Tank)
Kodi Smit-McPhee (Gallipoli)
Melina Vidler (800 Words)
Pacharo Mzembe (Danger 5)
Scott Pickett (The Hotplate)
Travis Burns (Neighbours)

News Panel or Current Affair
Sunday Night
The Feed
60 Minutes
Foreign Correspondent
Paul Murray Live
The Morning Show
A Current Affair
Four Corners
The Daily Edition
The Project
Weekend Today
Inside Story
Living Black
Studio 10
The Drum
The Verdict

Voting closes on January 17 with the awards to be held next May.

You can vote here.


  1. harrypotter1994

    I get there are quotas for networks but really wanted to vote for Joel Jackson for “Best Male Actor” and can’t. Seems a bit lame to me

  2. Kerri-Anne Kennerley is there for Best Presenter for her most minute role for Celebrity Apprentice, while Mark Bouris isn’t there, neither is the other “advisor” Shelley Barrett.

    Am surprised to see the “Super Nerd” and “the Shark” from The Chase not there for the Best New Talent category. I assume there was a limit of people each network it can select?

  3. Really unhappy that there is a limited list in Best Actor and Actress categories, when you think of all the main performances over the year. Worse still, you can’t add a name to the list. There was an actor I really wanted to vote for there but he wasn’t on the list, so I had to go for my second choice. It sounds like the networks submit the cast/shows and has nothing to do with TV Week or the actors themselves, but shutting out people from even getting a nomination for a publicly voted award seems unfair.

  4. Only one Sky News program listed in the Best News Panel category? That’s a shame, they do have quite a few and many I’d vote for ahead of those actually listed in the category. Shame you can’t write in your own.

  5. Oh dear, I’ve never heard of anyone in the Best New Talent category, except Kodi Smit-McPhee, who really hardly qualifies, being a fairly seasoned movie actor.

    I must get out more. Or more pertinently, stay in more.

  6. It’s a bit of a joke that programs that haven’t even aired yet are eligible to be nominated. I have never heard of something that hasn’t happened yet ever being nominated for an award before it happens. The Home and Away Presto telemovie doesn’t air until 9 December but Dan Ewing is listed as a candidate for Best Actor for his role in it!?!

    • You have a point – to a point. As long as material is broadcast within the eligible dates for consideration; it is plausible.This happens with feature film a lot; but that is when peer panels and juries watch them to judge. For the public to vote now is a bit loopy. As voting is open until well after the date for the show you mention Ryan, if people like his performance they can vote still for him. But i know what you are saying – on paper it is odd.

    • It is for the year 2015, voting is open through to January 2016… Have you seen all movies nominated for an Oscar before they are nominated? Same situation here….

  7. daveinprogress

    Thanks for the link, David. I voted immediately! How dim is the word change from Most Popular to Best. The awards have always been clunky as they mix up the two during the telecast, making the prizes often seem excessive. This will only add to that confusion. Best is invariably not the most popular and visa versa. What a shame they are only reintroducing Supporting Actor awards this year. Offspring and Packed to the Rafters were filled with excellent supporting players that would have filled the categories. At least this gives Neighbours and Home and Away as well as mini series or limited run series such as Peter Allen and Beautiful Lie, Secret River etc a chance for its cast to be recognised.

  8. It makes no sense to change the “Most Popular” awards tp “Best” which give the impression are the same as “Most Outstanding”. Those multiple winners of the Most Popular category now can’t claim they have won the same award for multiple years if it’s now different.

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