My Top 5 of 2015

My pick of the best new titles to premiere this year.

top 5

It’s never easy to choose just a handful of titles from the year in TV (indeed some titles are yet to premiere).

But of the NEW titles to premiere this year here are my Top 5, in what was a particularly good year for Documentaries.

Runners Up (in no particular order) are: The Affair, Olive Kitteridge, Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door, Deadline Gallipoli, The Principal, The Killing Season, Transparent, Better Call Saul.

5. Prison Songs, SBS.

4. Mr. Robot, Presto.

3. UnREAL, Stan.

2. The Secret River, ABC

1. The Jinx: The Life and Deaths of Robert Durst, Foxtel.

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  1. I’m a little late to the party. I’ve enjoyed reading you’re lists.
    My Top 5
    1/ UnREAL.
    2/ The Affair
    3/ Beautiful Lie
    4/ Outlander
    5/ Bloodline ( I loved the slow mood of the story )

    Against the rules I know 🙂 but Hon mentions to – Shameless, Veep, The Girls, The Americans, The Leftovers and Homeland ( right back up with early seasons )
    I couldn’t stop at 5 “sigh”

  2. My top 5 new shows in 2015 are as follows

    1) Better Call Saul
    2) Fargo (Agree with others here that each season is stand alone)
    3) The Beautiful Lie
    4) The Principal
    5) Poldark
    5) Daredevil

    1. What I have seen of Narcos was very good but have not seen enough to make a decision for this list. Bloodline was good but didn’t sustain the same energy as their earlier Damages. I accept nobody will ever agree with anybody’s top 5!

  3. I havn’t seen a lot of the shows mentioned here, so the new shows for 2015 that I liked are
    The Flash (started very late 2014, but didn’t see it until 2015)
    Grantchester (I found it added something extra to the usual britsh murder mystery)
    Empire (although the second season gererally hasn’t been as good as the first)
    Thats about it as far as new shows. For existing shows i’d have to go for the soaps that celebrated major anniversaries this year : Eastenders. Neighbours and Days of our Lives, although not happy with recent storylines in the later, every episode has been riveting.

  4. For me Sense8 was the best new show of the year. Also enjoyed Humans, Mr.Robot, UnReal and Fargo. I know Fargo technically is the second season, but the story is stand alone so I’m taking it.

  5. I think the comments tell a tale; you can find great TV when you go outside the box!
    Loved The Jinx, Mr Robot (Although I’m still very confused lol), Master of None, Olive Kittridge and Grace and Frankie

  6. It was the weakest year for new shows ever. Wolf Hall was the only great show. Honourable mentions to: Jonathon Strange & Mr Norrell, 800 Words, You’re The Worst, Deadline Gallipoli, Babylon.

    Everybody will be watching different channels and have their own favorites. I haven”t seen UnReal though like Noxon’s writing), Tranparent or any of the the other exclusive streaming shows. Mr Robot I have had a look at on Showcase but don’t believe in the Mr Robot character and keep waiting for them to do a Fight Club, even though that couldn’t possible make sense. Secret River was OK, once you skip the middle hour. In the Affair the view point gimmick never worked once they had a story past Noah and Alison’s recounting of their affair (and they dropped it entirely this week).

  7. The Jinx was absolutely fantastic! I also loved Bloodline, Fargo, Transparent and The Affair, I actually am enjoying the second season more than the first.

    I will have to check out some of the others you mentioned as I have not heard of some of them.

  8. Shows how bad 7, 9 and 10 have gotten for new drama when only one new drama from 7 makes this article and that was only a 2 part biographical telemovie. The state of drama on commercial free to air is quite sad.

    I’ll probably give unreal a go when it ends up on sbs next year.

    1. The Secret River suffered from the standard Australian Mini-Series Syndrome of trying to stretch out a ninety minute story into three hours. There were storylines that went nowhere. The characters were thinly-drawn, and the tone was flat. Everyone just seemed to mope around waiting for the big showdown. Nice camera-work though.

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