Returning: Mythbusters

Mythbusters returns to SBS with a look at "Star Wars: The Myths Strike Back."


Mythbusters returns to SBS with a new 13 part series in January.

It kicks off, fittingly, with a look at “Star Wars: The Myths Strike Back.”

This is actually the most recent episode of the 14th season, which aired in the US in September.

Not very long ago, in a workshop not so far away, rebel scientists striking from a hidden base in San Francisco won their first victory. But Adam and Jamie are again taking on the forces of evil and testing two tall tales from dark side. First up, Adam and Jamie look into Laser Blasters. A recurring theme in the movies is the ability of the heroes to dodge, evade and dive out of the way of an incoming Stormtrooper blaster shot. But is that possible? After working out how fast the blaster bolts move they re-create a blaster bolt battle, put their bodies on the line and commence the dive to survive. Then, in Higher Ground, they tackle the iconic scene from Episode III when Anakin is defeated in an epic light-sabre duel. To test the veracity of this age-old military adage our junior Jedis construct a clever conductive suit of clothes, a pair of less than lethal lightsabers and go head to head in a duel to the – not quite – death.

Friday, 1 January at 7.30pm on SBS.

Prior to the season return SBS 2 also has a Christmas special, Friday, 25 December at 6.30pm.

In this special episode, the Mythbusters get into the festive spirit. Christmas is traditionally a time for peaceful reflection, and quiet time with family. But not in the Mythbusters workshop.

Jamie and Adam consider it their civic duty to put festive myths to the test, and they do so with their usual random mix of enthusiasm and intuition.

Will putting a silver spoon in a champagne bottle keep it fizzy? Can turkeys explode if you cook them too fast? If you step outside after a few too many festive drinks, and relieve yourself in the snow, could it ever be cold enough for your urine stream to freeze? Will lighting a fire actually make your house colder? Which melts faster – a dressed snowman, or a undressed one? If you fall asleep under the eaves of your house, could an icicle fall and kill you?

The Mythbusters come up with answers to all these questions, so that America may celebrate this Christmas in greater certainty.

In addition, the show counts down the viewers’ favourite myths. After several weeks polling on the DCI website, the verdict is in on what experiments fans enjoyed the most, and as a bonus, Jamie and Adam reveal their favourites too.

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