Big Bash scores a bright start for TEN’s new year


TEN has started the year on an upbeat note, with its primary channel surpassing Seven’s in Week 1 of 2016.

Nine won the week in Total Shares and 25-54 but the Big Bash League saw TEN take the demosĀ 16-39 and 18-49. TEN’s best coverage was the double header on Saturday, which saw it win with a 30.6% network share.

There was also good news for ABC with itsĀ New Year’s Eve midnight fireworks as the top rated show of the week at 1.33m viewers. ABC also won Thursday night.

While TEN’s win is outside of ratings season, the Big Bash League is working as a platform to promote upcoming content.

Nine: 26.1
Seven: 24.2
TEN: 23.7
ABC: 18.7
SBS: 7.4

Primary channel:
Nine: 17.5
TEN: 16.9
Seven: 16.2
ABC: 13.2
SBS: 5.1

7TWO: 4.6
ONE: 4.0
GO!: 3.6
7mate: 3.3
ABC2: 3.2
9Life: 2.5
GEM: 2.4
ABC News 24: 1.4
SBS 2 / Food Network: 1.1
ABC3: 0.9
NITV: 0.2


  1. This has been my gripe with Ten over the last 5+ years. Shows are promoted too early and too often to the point of annoyance and I become sick of the program before I’ve even watched it, and then generally don’t.

  2. It’s a pity that after the BBL they revert to their oversupply of drek reality programs, programs that I will never watch, even if I was offered money to watch them ……

  3. Nope, haven’t had Channel 10 on at all for the past two weeks except for Graham Norton – and then I became very angry because of how late the show was. Over the relentless cricket!!

  4. IACGMOOH promos are annoying to death for me. Some cricket commentators talk more about this kind of show instead of the match. This is similar to the unexpected promos like The Block during during the ODIs on Nine. The more bumper promos we have on TV, the annoying it gets.

  5. The problem for Ten is the not quality or content of their shows its about that 6-7.30 timeslot where Nine and Seven are dominate. This is where they need something to gain a larger slice of early evening viewers so their big shows can get a decent lead-in audience. Having said their cricket coverage has been outstanding. I prefer it to test coverage on 9Nine (Isn’t that how you say it. They say 9Go and 9Gem so it should be 9Nine LOL).

  6. I disagree that the big bash is working a platform to promoting content. I think its doing the opposite. Its putting viewers off. I know I’m watching less big bash cause I’m tired of the same ads repeated ad nauseum. Nearly every ad break has an I’m a celeb ad and the only other I’ve noticed is the x files. Ten had 3 channels running 24/7 surely they could find something else to promote instead of overdoing I’m a celeb. 7s no better with their MKR ads. I turned off the tennis last night cause I got tired of the MKR ads.

    It was a shame that last Saturday was a big bash double header cause it was good ending to the Melbourne derby and that ending deserved a decent post match.

    • Sorry tvf but this is a monster Seven started, Nine and now Ten have followed. All three are showing their Q1 shows’ promos ad nauseum. Unfortunately the problem is that if they choose not to do what the other networks are doing then they run the risk of not having a successful start to the year.

      • They are not promoting all their Q1 shows ad nauseum. They’ve selected 1 or 2 shows and repeatedly pestering viewers during coverage and nearly every ad break. No ones saying they shouldn’t do some self promotion but when its excessive and starts irritating viewers to the point where a viewer thinks twice about turning that particular sport than something is wrong. I’m actually curious about how q1 content will go this year seeing as streaming is almost a year old and Netflix is beefing up its original content.

  7. Great news for TEN. I haven’t been watching much of the BBL, but I hope they are using a variety of promos and and not just constant I’m A Celebrity ads.

  8. Dish up poor picture quality and people will still watch it or they have drunk so much it looks like it’s HD!! just comparing it to 9HD cricket

    • WA have the full prime time matches live and free on clear HD channel, One. Brisbane and Adelaide have some coverage of the match on One before switching to blurry 10. It would have been great if the BBL was in HD.

  9. You have to feel sorry for Ten. They get a genuine ratings winner and it is outside the ratings period.

    I am not a big cricket fan, but I went to a game the other night and I was really surprised by the public support for the game. The number of people who had on team shirts, for what is a domestic competition, really surprised me. Then the participation during the game is something that you rarely see in the various football games (WSW aside). Someone in Channel Nine must be kicking themselves that they let this through their grasp and will be working up plans to pinch it back.

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