New Year’s Eve audience lifts for ABC

But ABC is still under-reporting figures for its biggest audience of the year.

Two years ago I asked the question, “Why does ABC under-report its NYE ratings every year?”

On Sunday night ABC drew a network share of 33.4% in metro.

Yet according to ABC Publicity the share was 28.4% -because ABC bizarrely factors in Subscription viewing into TV’s overall shares. No other broadcaster makes this a practice.

OzTAM reported 1.14m metro viewers watched the Midnight Fireworks on ABC with a further 150,000 on ABC News, a total of 1.29m metro -up slightly on 2022’s 1.24m.

Adding in regional viewers, ABC indicates the Midnight Fireworks averaged 1.8m viewers across Broadcast and ABC iview.

Yet OzTAM noted even better at 1.93m in Total TV.

ABC’s Head of Arts, Music and Events, Kath Earle said: “New Year’s Eve is magical and last night was no exception with millions of people joining the ABC for a shared celebration of live music, entertainment and the world-famous fireworks display above Sydney Harbour.

“I’d like to thank everyone, especially all the ABC staff, who worked around the clock to bring audiences every moment of this incredible night across ABC TV, ABC iview, on ABC Radio and social media. Happy new year to all!”

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  1. I loved the year that had Lawrence Mooney running a pub quiz throughout the broadcast. I wish they would do that again.

    The one thing that really bugs me is ABC shoehorn in a network promo right before midnight and then Charlie and cohost do their Thankyou’s and then have to rush an often late countdown at the end.

  2. Read the article ‘Harry Connick Jr. added to ABC’s NYE concert’ under Programming, to read my user comments as to what I thought about the broadcast, as it’s already posted there. Including post-show review.

    As for ratings, it’s affected by whether or not people are at home. I think there were big ratings when there was Covid and lockdowns. This time, there was some rainy weather in parts of the country.

      1. I’m replying further because these things come to mind afterwards. I think ABC is factoring in subscription to get an idea of where views are going overall in relation to ABC. I think ABC may also be interested in linear streaming views as it as been mentioned with the ABC YourSpace correspondence. Possibly a more broader media perspective.

        Though it does appear to be under-reporting in relation to other broadcasters. ABC is also public broadcasting and not competing for advertising revenue.

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