New Year’s Eve tops week 5 of summer

NYE on ABC was back to normal before the Harbour lit up in colour -but the week belonged to Seven.

NYE Midnight Fireworks was the top show of the week at 985,000 metro viewers on ABC.

It was down on 2021’s 1.19m, but more of us were out this NYE compared to 2021 when restrictions were still high and viewers are doubtless shifting to BVOD and devices with each passing year.

There were also another 265,000 watching Live on ABC News channel.

With Regional viewers the number rose to 1.31m viewers (plus 685K live streams via ABC iview and more still on Facebook, YouTube and TikTok social accounts).

ABC’s inclusive broadcast was without controversy this year, save for clickbait stories attempting to find fault with some performers.

The week overall was a win for Seven with Test Cricket averaging up to 810,000 metro viewers on Day 3.

Seven: 30.4
Nine: 25.8
ABC: 20.4
10: 13.8
SBS: 9.6

Primary channel:
Seven: 22.2
Nine: 16.9
ABC: 15.0
10: 7.3
SBS: 4.8

7TWO: 3.8
10 BOLD: 3.0
9GEM: 2.9
7mate: 2.8
10 Peach: 2.7
ABC TV Plus: 2.5
9GO! / ABC News: 2.4
9Life: 1.9
9RUSH / SBS World Movies: 1.7
7flix: 1.6
SBS Food: 1.1
10 Shake: 0.8
ABC ME: 0.6
NITV: 0.2
SBS World Watch: 0.0

Seven led on Monday – Friday. Nine won Monday, ABC scored Saturday and also defeated 10 on Sunday, Monday & Wednesday.

Seven won all cities except Brisbane, which was claimed by Nine.

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