7flix is on the air

Your guide to the first two weeks of 7flix primetime programming.


Seven’s new multichannel 7flix is now on the air on Channel 76.

The channel features general entertainment, kids and movies.

Returning shows Once Upon a Time, The Muppets, The Mindy Project and The Amazing Race all feature new episodes from this week.

7flix offers a movie at 8:30pm every night of the week, with Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights dominated by primetime movies.

Daytimes will include general entertainment titles that are both retro (I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Who’s the Boss, Benson, Good Times etc) plus some repeats of Quantico, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder.

The channel is not available in (some) regional markets, but is streaming Live via Plus7, nor is it yet available via Foxtel.

Some TV sets may require a retune to access 7flix.

Sunday 28
6:10pm Movie: Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
8:30pm Movie: Love Actually
11pm Movie: The Unborn

Monday 29
6pm Seinfeld
6:30pm Once Upon A Time
7:30pm Once Upon A Time season premiere
8:30pm Movie: You, Me and Dupree
10:30pm First Dates
11:30pm Cougar Town

Tuesday 1
6pm Seinfeld
7:30pm The Muppets
8pm The Muppets
8:30pm Movie: Click
10:25pm Movie: Any Questions For Ben?

Wednesday 2
6pm Seinfeld
7:30pm The Mindy Project
8:30pm Movie: Captain Phillips
11pm Cougar Town

Thursday 3
6pm Seinfeld
7:30pm The Amazing Race season premiere
8:30pm Movie: 2012
11:30pm The Amazing Race rpt

Friday 4
6:30pm Movie: Hotel Transylvania
8:30pm Movie: Sister Act
10:15pm Movie: The Lost Valentine

Saturday 5
6:30pm Movie: Guarding Tess
8:30pm Movie: Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit
10:25pm Movie: Cloverfield

Sunday 6
6:15pm Movie: RV
8:30pm Movie: Meet the Parents
10:25pm Movie: Our First Day of School

Monday 7
6pm Seinfeld
7:30pm Once Upon A Time
8:30pm Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You
10:10pm First Dates
11:10pm Cougar Town

Tuesday 8
6pm Seinfeld
7:30pm The Muppets
8pm The Muppets
8:30pm Movie: Coming to America
10:35pm Cougar Town

Wednesday 9
6pm Seinfeld
7:30pm The Mindy Project
8:30pm Movie: The Bone Collector
10:40pm Movie: Valkyrie

Thursday 10
6pm Seinfeld
7:30pm The Amazing Race
8:30pm Movie: Double Jeopardy
10:30pm Movie: Air America

Friday 11
6:30pm Movie: Matilda
8:30pm Movie: In the Line of Fire
10:50pm The Amazing Race rpt

Saturday 12
6:50pm Movie: Spy Hard
8:30pm Movie: Sleepless In Seattle
10:20pm Movie: Basic Instinct

A full guide is available in the Guides section.

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  1. I’ve been burnt by the purchasing a fancy integrated TV set without the MPG4 support many years ago. After Nine upgraded their services last year, I lost access to all of Nine’s services since… Might consider acquiring a STB to get all these new services. For the cost of a new STB, you have all available stations to you currently available. If the TV breaks or if the TVs in the future do not support what MPEG format the networks decide to use, buying a STB is the cheapest alternative if you ever need to “upgrade” again.

    1. “After Nine upgraded their services last year, I lost access to all of Nine’s services since”

      If your TV doesn’t support Mpeg4, you should still be getting everything but 9HD from Nine. Even without 9HD you are not missing out on any Nine programming – exactly why it is currently simulcast.

    1. How old is it? Anything more than 5/6 years can be expected to have no Mpeg4 support. Actually, I wasn’t even aware you could still get Sharps in Australia.?

      Have you checked for firmware updates? support.sharp.net.au/drivers/

  2. Supporting a disposable society …. ‘throw out your TV and buy a new one’, is not what I call a responsible stand to take Channel 7. We want quality that lasts, from our TVs to our standard of broadcast …. jamming more channels in trying to look impressive at the expense of picture quality is 3rd world stuff. What about cleaning up all the duplicates & multiple daily repeats of the same episodes and insert the 7 Flix shows instead? These days we record those we wish to view so we don’t need all the repeats. As for the Racing channel and those betting ads, I repeat, not very responsible channel 7. I know MPEG 4 is a Govt initiative but since when did they get it right?

    1. Actually, you can thank the Howard government for your problems. They chose to go with DVB-T using Mpeg2, upgrading to Mpeg4 later on, when the recommendation had been Mpeg4 from the outset. As a result, manufacturers were able to unload a lot of Mpeg2-only gear into the country, that they could no longer sell elsewhere.

        1. Indeed… That will be even more expensive, as we’ll have to remove the copper reticulation and replace it with fibre eventually. We simply can’t use copper indefinitely, it has to be replaced every 10-15 years and the price of the stuff is horrific (it’s also becoming very hard to procure). This also means the Nodes will be redundant, so they’ll get pulled out. All that near-new plant, completely wasted.

          1. “We simply can’t use copper indefinitely, it has to be replaced every 10-15 years”

            Sorry, but that is just nonsense! There are many drawbacks to the current NBN plans, but a short lifespan of copper is not one of them. Lots of the copper wire that’s in the ground has been there for decades, and it will all continue to work for decades more.

  3. I wish they did a TGIF kinda retro family TV lineup from 5:30-8:30 on Fridays. I totally would watch that lineup!

    The Nanny, Alf, Full House, Home Improvement, Growing Pains, Step By Step. or any other.

    wishful thinking but it would be different.

    1. Can you receive 74 and 78? They’re the same codecs. If you can’t receive those or 13 and 90, then your set may not handle Mpeg4. A quick call to channel 7 would get you an answer, maybe they’re having broadcast problems there, they did here on the Gold Coast..

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