7flix is on the air

Your guide to the first two weeks of 7flix primetime programming.


Seven’s new multichannel 7flix is now on the air on Channel 76.

The channel features general entertainment, kids and movies.

Returning shows Once Upon a Time, The Muppets, The Mindy Project and The Amazing Race all feature new episodes from this week.

7flix offers a movie at 8:30pm every night of the week, with Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights dominated by primetime movies.

Daytimes will include general entertainment titles that are both retro (I Dream of Jeannie, Bewitched, Who’s the Boss, Benson, Good Times etc) plus some repeats of Quantico, Grey’s Anatomy, How to Get Away with Murder.

The channel is not available in (some) regional markets, but is streaming Live via Plus7, nor is it yet available via Foxtel.

Some TV sets may require a retune to access 7flix.

Sunday 28
6:10pm Movie: Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement
8:30pm Movie: Love Actually
11pm Movie: The Unborn

Monday 29
6pm Seinfeld
6:30pm Once Upon A Time
7:30pm Once Upon A Time season premiere
8:30pm Movie: You, Me and Dupree
10:30pm First Dates
11:30pm Cougar Town

Tuesday 1
6pm Seinfeld
7:30pm The Muppets
8pm The Muppets
8:30pm Movie: Click
10:25pm Movie: Any Questions For Ben?

Wednesday 2
6pm Seinfeld
7:30pm The Mindy Project
8:30pm Movie: Captain Phillips
11pm Cougar Town

Thursday 3
6pm Seinfeld
7:30pm The Amazing Race season premiere
8:30pm Movie: 2012
11:30pm The Amazing Race rpt

Friday 4
6:30pm Movie: Hotel Transylvania
8:30pm Movie: Sister Act
10:15pm Movie: The Lost Valentine

Saturday 5
6:30pm Movie: Guarding Tess
8:30pm Movie: Sister Act 2: Back In The Habit
10:25pm Movie: Cloverfield

Sunday 6
6:15pm Movie: RV
8:30pm Movie: Meet the Parents
10:25pm Movie: Our First Day of School

Monday 7
6pm Seinfeld
7:30pm Once Upon A Time
8:30pm Movie: 10 Things I Hate About You
10:10pm First Dates
11:10pm Cougar Town

Tuesday 8
6pm Seinfeld
7:30pm The Muppets
8pm The Muppets
8:30pm Movie: Coming to America
10:35pm Cougar Town

Wednesday 9
6pm Seinfeld
7:30pm The Mindy Project
8:30pm Movie: The Bone Collector
10:40pm Movie: Valkyrie

Thursday 10
6pm Seinfeld
7:30pm The Amazing Race
8:30pm Movie: Double Jeopardy
10:30pm Movie: Air America

Friday 11
6:30pm Movie: Matilda
8:30pm Movie: In the Line of Fire
10:50pm The Amazing Race rpt

Saturday 12
6:50pm Movie: Spy Hard
8:30pm Movie: Sleepless In Seattle
10:20pm Movie: Basic Instinct

A full guide is available in the Guides section.

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  1. before the channels announcement I had a feeling it would be movie related. cause the main channel loves to play movies in primetime on random days during the week. I’m sure they wanted to expand on that and since they can’t play them much on 7,7two and 7mate it makes sense they would have a primetime channel for movies. Seven are still showing movies on Thursday nights, hopefully they stop doing that.

  2. OK…that explains why numerous scans have not worked….sounds silly for a channel of old movies and old TV shows….
    Like chasing shows on networks…I am not that keen that I will rush out and purchase a new TV….
    Plenty to view on catchup…mostly Iview….and more than enough viewing for me on Youtube….and just way too many DVDs….and a best friend with even more….
    Your loss Seven Network!!

  3. In Melbourne with disabled friend who asked me to tune in new channels. After auto tune. 74,76,78 & 90 have sound but no pic. Onscreen a sign Invalid Format appears. Bottom left screen on most other channels have MPEG with number beside. But the above mentioned 4 have H264 in same place. What do I do. My friend is very disappointed.

    1. Sounds like your friend may need to upgrade to a new TV or at the least buy a set top box to plug into their existing TV, one that supports the new MPEG4 channels such as the 4 you’ve listed. Ten HD on Channel 13 will also be MPEG4 when that starts on Wednesday.

  4. For anyone unable to find 7flix – it seems that (despite being an SD channel) 7flix is being broadcast using MPEG-4, so if your TV is not MPEG-4 compatible you won’t pick it up. I saw nothing from Seven prior to the launch today mentioning this.

    Simulcast HD channels in MPEG-4 (e.g. 9HD) makes sense as if your TV isn’t MPEG-4 capable then you can still watch the MPEG-2 SD version, but to make a new stand-alone SD channel MPEG-4 seems a bit of a gamble. I thought ratings mattered…

    1. They simply don’t have the bandwidth to add more mpg2 channels. Eventually all channels will change to mpg4 anyway, so I guess they’re starting to use this kind of thing as leverage to get the public to update their gear.

    2. My tv is only 2 years old still cant get it…surely channel 7 doesnt expect everyone to buy a new tv? In a day and age when free to air is under threat with movie streaming services this isnt going to help their cause. I hope channel 7 gets heaps of complaints.

      1. As Andrew says, are you in a catchment area? You know you can call 7 and ask them these things?

        Also, have you checked for firmware updates for your TV? Are you receiving 74, 78, 13 & 90? They are all Mpeg4. What’s your model of TV?

  5. It works on my TV but on my HDD I have picture but no sound. I’ve noticed that the sound has vanished from the racing channel as well. (Not that I watch it.) Is is my equipment or do they just suck?

  6. My MPEG4 compatible PVR does pick up the video of 7flix, however it doesn’t pick up the audio which is strange.
    I know it works because I tried the TenHD promo-loop and the audio from that works fine.

    1. If you can give me the make and model of the PVR, I’ll pass it on the gurus at 7. Do you get sound on 74 or 78? All three channels use the same codecs. They’ve had some reports of audio problems with Sony PVRs.

        1. I have the same problem! My Sonia Bravia doesn’t get the new channel ( purchased in 2007) but my PVR which was purchased a few years later model Sony SVR-HDT 1000 picks up all the new channels but I have no sound on the racing channel ( which I did before) and no sound on the new 76. Can seven fix this?

          1. I’ve passed the information on. I have no idea if they can help or not, but they’re doing what they can. Have you updated the firmware for your PVR at all?


          2. Hi Bazza, yes have tried to update software but no joy. I get 74 just fine. The sony site hasn’t a patch for this that I can see. Its a shame if Seven can’t do anything as I suspect there are many with similar problems. I get all the Ch 9 and Ten new ones fine.

          3. There’s a patch from 2011 on the link I gave which appears to address problems with Mpeg4. Don’t count on over the air firmware updates.

          4. Ok have updated the firmware and still no sound on both ch’s!! As I said it was working last night and this morning not so I think its seven’s end! Not happy.

  7. Not working here. All the TVs and PVRs in this household have scanned the channel as being present, but none of them will show a picture or sound (all come up with invalid service). All these devices work with Mpg4 streams, so not sure what’s going on. Perhaps there’s an issue with the Gold Coast repeater?

    1. 7flix uses a different broadcast signal type (not sure of the technical names). All I know is 7flix, 9HD and 10HD display and work fine on my Sony Tv purchased two years ago, whilst my cheaply bought Dick Smith brand TV can’t get the signals for those three channels saying invalid format. So it seems you may need a new TV or set top box to view it.

      1. As I mentioned John, all the gear I’m using is Mpeg4 capable. Spoke to the techs at 7, there was indeed some problem with the Gold Coast transmitters. It’s been fixed for an hour or three now, however. Anyone between Brisbane and the border may need to rescan again.

        1. Not happy…..re hashing all these tired old shows!! Seriously, I hope this is not a sample of viewing to come. Where are the movies? One bad 3rd rate movie a day does not make it channel 7flix! I was so looking forward to seeing a good movie on at prime time as there are only reality shows or the same CSI type….so boring!!!
          Come on channel 7 you can do much better than this!!! Give us something decent to watch…everyone loves a good movie, it’s not rocket science :/

          1. What make and model of TV? If it’s pre-2009/10 then there’s a good chance it won’t do Mpeg4.

            However, some newer sets may receive Mpeg4, after you work around some quirks.

            Panasonic sets have a section in their tuning menu to enable scanning of mpeg4 channels, which is off by default in some. If you have a Panasonic, press the Menu button -> Setup -> Digital TV Tuning Menu -> Add MPEG-4 AVC Channels

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