Axed: Angel From Hell


New US series Angel From Hell, starring Jane Lynch and Maggie Lawson, has been axed by CBS.

The series, in which Lynch plays a caustic guardian angel to a dermatologist, has aired 5 episodes in the US, but is being replaced by 2 Broke Girls.

Deadline notes the show was originally due to debut in November but was pushed to January, amid rumours about creative issues.

The series is currently airing in Australia on ELEVEN, which should still have access to its full run of 13 episodes.


  1. Armchair Analyst

    i didnt mind this one. i think it had promise. probably was not executed like it should have been. Looks like more Raymond reruns. Also David i read somewhere a few years ago that TEN has 3rd Rock from the Sun. Is that correct and do you think they will air it?

  2. There have been many worse sitcoms lately. The Millers, The McCathy’s, Last Man Standing. Angel from Hell is at least funny at times.

    It is however a one idea show based solely around Lynch’s performance with the rest of the characters just there to fill in around it. It would get tiresome very quickly.

  3. It was disappointingly lame. It had no substance to its stories, and even the annoying angel wasn’t actually all that annoying, she was just ever present and slightly bothersome when she stuck her oar in. It could’ve been great, I like all the actors, but the writing had no bite. It wasn’t even clear why she needed a guardian angel at all, her life was pretty good.

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