Gone: The Embassy

Nine pulls its factual series after disappointing numbers last week.


Nine has pulled The Embassy from Wednesday nights, replacing it with a movie The Blind Side (2009) this week.

Last week The Embassy fell to fourth in its timeslot, at just 372,000 viewers.

It is yet to be rescheduled.

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  1. I didn’t think it was that bad but I am a bit of a sucker for reality TV. I did get annoyed though with the traditional splitting up of stories so each ad break started without resolution of the preceding story and then went straight back into a separate story.

  2. Too much focus on Aussies in Thailand, need more different locations. Also need more breadth to the stories if at all possible, there’s more to an embassy than just replacing lost passports

      1. Still revolves around Thailand with wacky stories about people gone missing. Would like more focus on Laos and Vietnam, perhaps even more countries in future though unlikely now.

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