The Embassy: Feb 10

This week a possible kidnapping, unpaid hotel bills and a drunken night in Phuket that doesn't end well.


This week on The Embassy, a possible kidnapping, unpaid hotel bills and a drunken night in Phuket that doesn’t end well.

In Episode Two: Expat ex-digger Ben arrives at the embassy distraught and in tears. His young Thai wife has gone missing without a trace and he’s convinced she’s been taken against her will, kidnapped by a jealous ex-boyfriend. He’s also terrified her life may be in danger.

Meanwhile in Vietnam, Rodney, a beer-loving big wave surfer has been having way too much of a good time in Vietnam. He’s overstayed his visa. And he’s run up a $1500 hotel bill, which he refuses to pay. Consular officers Richard and Stephanie spring into action. But Rodney gives them a run for their money!

On an overnight stopover in Bangkok, young Sydney brothers, Daniel, Michael and Jamie go looking for a good time. But a bit of harmless fun in Patpong goes seriously wrong. Now oldest brother Daniel is in ICU with a fractured skull, brain haemorrhage and a possible broken neck. His distraught parents turn to the embassy for help.

And young WA miners, Keogan and Harley call each other Dumb and Dumber. It’s a bromance gone seriously wrong. They’re in the embassy after a drunken night in Phuket, where Koegan’s lost his wallet, $1800 in cash, and his passport, wrestling with ladyboys. Consular officer, Callum, has seen it all before!

8:30pm Wednesday on Nine.

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    1. Sure. Click on the show’s Tag (bottom of story) and that will take you to most recent stories mentioning the show. As from this week the show will also be in daily ratings wraps such as the one published earlier under News. Cheers.

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