New Idea launches TV Extra


Seven West Media’s Pacific Magazines has launched a 16 page TV Extra as part of New Idea magazine.

It will include “in-depth celebrity interviews, reviews, behind-the-scenes news and stunning photoshoots with some of the nation’s most loved TV personalities. A detailed TV highlights section – the best shows to watch at a glance – will also feature within the complimentary guide.”

The first issue includes an interview with Molly Meldrum and Samuel Johnson, an interview with Wanted’s Rebecca Gibney and her mum Shirley, and a feature on My Kitchen Rules new “Cougar Couple.”

However, there’s no mention of a full TV guide.

Louisa Hatfield, editor-in-chief, New Idea, said, “Offering the best mix of celebrity profiles, news, photoshoots and revelations, the launch of TV Extra coincides with the start of TV ratings – and further cements New Idea as Australia‟s best loved celebrity weekly.”

New Idea today also becomes ‘official magazine partner’ for MKR.

Fiona Legdin, Group Publisher, Weeklies, comments: “New Idea’s partnership with MKR brings together two of the country’s favourite brands, and coupled with the launch of TV Extra, it’s an incredibly exciting time for the New Idea brand.

“With an audience footprint of more than 4.4 million, the brand’s continued reach and relevance is impressive, and we‟re continuing to invest in this audience into the future,” Legdin added.

Last year Bauer Media axed its stand-alone Soap Extra and Top Gear Australia magazines while SBS folded Feast.


  1. I was hoping the TV Extra ‘magazine’ was a pull out supplement, instead I had to flick through ‘trashy’ articles. The quality of the Molly Meldrum and Sam Johnson pictures was quite poor, gee Molly looks terrible, doesn’t age well. That also goes for Farmer Lance. I was surprised Neighbours got a mention – all 7 lines about the return of Lyn Scully. $4.30 per week, that’s $224 yearly, I can do without. I’ll just flick through like so many others do, treating the supermarket and newsagent like their personal library.

  2. Secret Squïrrel

    “However, there’s no mention of a full TV guide.”

    That’s because it would be inaccurate before the magazine had finished printing.

    As others have said, this looks like it will really be Seven Extra.

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