Nine reboots 20 to 1

Updated: Classic clip show amongst several new titles confirmed by Nine -but without Bert Newton.


Nine is rebooting clip show 20 to 1 -but without Bert Newton- amongst several new local titles coming this year.

Michael Healy, Director of Television for the Nine Network said: “Today’s announcement reinforces our promise to bring viewers more local content with stories that reflect and depict their lives and the world they live in.

Travel Guides
One holiday, six households, countless opinions. Travel Guides is the most fun you’ll have on holiday all year. A loveable bunch of travellers offer a surprising take on some of the most popular holiday destinations in Australia and around the world. Featuring a different holiday each episode,Travel Guides will scrutinise everything from the mattresses to the margaritas. Based on the hit UK series, Travel Guides is produced by the Nine Network in conjunction with Studio Lambert – the people who brought you Gogglebox.


The Briefcase
What would you do with one hundred thousand dollars? Every week two deserving Aussie families who are doing it tough will be in for the surprise of their lives. But given a golden chance to help themselves or will they rather help strangers in need? Is it better to give than to receive? More than $1 million will be given away in this heartwarming and thought-provoking new series.

Sex Ed
Led by an expert host, Sex Ed will offer a revealing insight into contemporary attitudes to sex in Australia. Find out what’s really going on in bedrooms across the country as Sex Ed explores married and dating relationships, and the tricky world of teen sex in the internet age.

20 T0 1
Nine’s popular comedy countdown is back with a fresh look and new hosts. We’ve scoured the archives to bring you the most outrageous clips on TV in a reboot of one of our most-loved programs. Big-name Australian and international guests will take a trip down memory lane as they recall some of the major moments and most unforgettable characters of our times.

Unreal Estate
The country’s most exciting new double act will romp around extraordinary Australian homes and meet the fascinating people who live in them. Take an insider’s look at the world of luxury living from the lucky few who have the vision and the cash to make their fantasy homes a reality.

Along with Sex Ed also coming in Q2 are:


The Voice
Irish superstar Ronan Keating will take to the red chair as a coach on The Voice in 2016. He will be joining Jessie J, Delta Goodrem and The Madden Brothers for the fifth season of Australia’s No. 1 light entertainment program as they seek to unearth Australia’s next singing sensation.

You’re Back in the Room
Television legend Daryl Somers returns to Nine as host of You’re Back in the Room, the hilarious new game show that gives contestants the opportunity to win cash prizes under the power of hypnotism. Standing between them and the money will be hypnotist Keith Barry, who puts each one “under” to thwart their efforts. Over five rounds, the contestants take part in a series of outrageous games where tasks need to be completed in order to win. Their cash pot accumulates before they attempt to win as much as possible in a fast-paced final round where they have to work harder than ever to overcome the hindrances of hypnosis.

Reno Rumble
Reno Rumble is the supercharged renovation format in which teams totally transform two houses in just one week. It’s back for a new season with new couples in the biggest showdown on TV as couples hit the road to renovate the homes of everyday, deserving Aussies and turn their dreams into reality. 

Married at First Sight
The smash-hit new program of 2015, which saw four Australian couples meet for the very first time on their wedding day, returns to Nine after Easter. In this extreme social experiment, three top relationship experts pair eight brave singles, using a mix of neuroscience and psychology to try to create four perfect matches. Those who make it through the wedding will move in together and live as man and wife for one month. But what happens when the honeymoon is over and real married life sets in?

Love Child
Love Child, one of Australia’s favourite dramas, returns to Nine in 2016 for a third series, with a stellar  cast including Jessica Marais, Jonathan LaPaglia, Matt LeNevez, Mandy McElhinney, Miranda Tapsell, Ella Scott Lynch, Gracie Gilbert, Harriet Dyer, Sophie Hensser, Lincoln Younes and Andy Ryan. Set amid the social upheavals of 1970s Kings Cross, the men and women of Love Child will face their greatest challenges and most shocking secrets, as well as war and a surprise wedding.

The AFL and NRL Footy Shows
The AFL and NRL Footy Shows return for their 23rd season in 2016. The Footy Shows will bring viewers all the latest AFL and NRL breaking stories, big-name guests, and loads of fun every week.

The Hunt
Sir David Attenborough is back on Nine in 2016 to narrate a landmark natural history series about the relationship between predators and their prey. The Hunt will showcase rarely seen animal behaviour – hunting failures – revealing the difficulties predators face in catching their prey. Survival in the wild depends on many skills – speed, stealth, stamina, strength, ingenuity and teamwork. But it’s how these skills are applied that makes the difference between success and failure, life and death.

58th TV Week Logie Awards
No one does event television like Nine and as we celebrate 60 years of television in Australia, TV’s night of nights, The TV Week Logie Awards, will once again be broadcast Live.

RBT goes behind the frontline with police carrying out random breath testing. From major roadside drink-driving operations to high-speed pursuits,, RBT captures all the drama and danger that police in Australia face every day in their relentless campaign against drink and drug driving.

The Verdict
Channel Nine’s provocative new panel show, The Verdict, hosted by Karl Stefanovic, will also return after Easter with more lively and entertaining discussion on topics destined to fuel debate around the country.

“Our upcoming schedule set to commence after Easter is brimming with arguably the strongest second-quarter slate we have ever broadcast,” Michael Healy said.

The Briefcase is not to be confused with Seven’s upcoming The Day the Cash Came -networks are on the record as indicating they would not be ‘copy-catting’ this year.


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  1. Shows like 20-1 did ok years ago when there weren’t so many options on TV. Now with nearly 20 digital channels, streaming, etc… I can’t see how 20-1 will work like it used to as people will just go elsewhere. Original good ideas needed to keep viewers – not rehashes that are relatively cheap to make…

  2. Funny how all the makers of these ‘new’ shows for Nine are former Seven employees .. It’s like a giant Trojan horse of bad telly maker have invaded the hallowed corridors of the Nine network – will they succeed in a ratings decline ? You decide 2016

  3. David – let me save you the trouble and summarize the press release for you.

    Nine reboots everything in a cavalcade of tired shopworn cliche ridden dross..blah… blah .. singing/dancing/reno reality blah… cheap recycled lifestyle format ..blah.. product placeent….blah…cheap fly-on-the wall observational documentary…blah….. chuck in a few youtube clip specials ..blah…

    We are officially out of ideas,
    Yours Sincerely – the Nine Network

  4. Doesn’t surprise me that 20 to 1 is being resurrected on the back of what Cats/Dogs/Etc., Make You Laugh Out rated, have actually been expecting a station to bring back Australia’s Funniest Home Videos on the back of those ratings successes.

  5. wouldn’t be surprised if someone like David Campbell hosted it this time round. Would be good to see Georgie host it – I would love to see her more often on the screen.

    Going to be honest though – I am really happy to see this show return, have been trying to find full episodes online but have failed to get anything :/ hopefully the format isn’t ruined and that the celebrity contributors are actually relevant.

  6. There’s nothing there that interests me personally. I wish they would take a chance on a bit of niche programming and present characters and storylines we don’t see every day, but I know it’s Nine and they just copy Seven so what do you do.

  7. 20 TO 1 – 5 minutes of actual footage separated by 35 minutes of inane commentary by second- and third-rate personalities with 20 minutes of ads. This is like Goggle box on whatever the opposite of steroids are.

  8. What a lot of crap. Nine are running out of ideas or revisiting shows that worked back when. More encores over more channels. The Habibs now showing on Go and later on Gem no doubt. I find shows are being recycled between networks now eg How l met your mother, baggage battles, etc.

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