Producer defends What Really Happens on the Gold Coast

Gold Coast Tourism describes TV special as "tabloid journalism of the worst kind."


Producers of Seven special What Really Happens on the Gold Coast have defended the show in the wake of criticism from Gold Coast Tourism.

The special, which aired this week on Seven included footage of topless waitresses, meter maids and non-stop nightlife.

Gold Coast Tourism chief executive Martin Winter described it as an inaccurate stereotype of the city.

“It’s just another trashy program; really, it just shows the quality of some of the journalism that’s out there,” he told ABC.

“This program is just facile, it’s inaccurate, and it’s just tabloid journalism of the worst kind.

“The damage that’s being done to our reputation is significant,” he said.

John McAvoy, from McAvoy Media, who has previously produced What Really Happens in Bali and What Really Happens in Thailand said the show was meant to be a bit of light-hearted fun.

“There’s nothing pejorative about that show, about the Gold Coast, I don’t believe,” he said.

“It’s not journalism; this isn’t Four Corners, it’s entertainment.”

But Martin Winter said he was tired of the media presenting stereotypes.

“I just reckon it’s time that we all stood up and said ‘stop it, enough’s enough’.”

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  1. This is the worst program I have seen in a long time. It was virtually advertising (although not in a great light) and probably should have had a disclaimer of commercial arrangements with those involved. It just showed how tacky the Gold Coast really is

    1. Gold Coast Medical is airing later this year. The scenes in the ED for ‘What really happens …’ were shot before GC Medical, as a toe in the water before shooting the full series. GC Medical covers the whole hospital.

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