Today stretches lead over Sunrise

Today makes its biggest gain on Sunrise in 3 years.


The Today show has had another big win over Sunrise, this week.

On Thursday it finished with 356,000 while Sunrise averaged 285,000 -a lead of 71,000.

That was its biggest lead in nearly 3 years as the balance between the two commercial breakfast shows swings.

But it’s not all so cut and dry: on Wednesday Sunrise won by a mere 3,000 viewers.

Seven is drawing on all the coding strategies it can to help its numbers, but this will be a battle won on content and presentation.

Now, if only Nine can replicate that success into primetime…..

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  1. I am actually enjoying Sam Mac, have no problem with the others but yes we need Nelson back at 6:55 to do his entertainment reports. Eddie can still do entertainment but local stuff and non American news. That what what Nelson was good at.

  2. WTF is going on with Sunrise this year? This weekend is traditionally one of the biggest in Australia with the Arnold Classic in Melbourne, the Melbourne Grand Prix, the Royal Easter Show in Sydney and the comic convention in Brisbane. Normally Weekend Sunrise does its weather reports from the Arnold or the ComicCon, but this time inexplicably they sent James Tobin to Singapore of all places. Why? No wonder they’re losing the ratings.

  3. As a loyal Sunrise viewer, I have to say the show this year is just so annoying. Where do I start? The new set is lame, belongs on a dreary afternoon talk show. Love Nat but most mornings she is drowning in all the breaking News and Live exclusive banners, flashing sliding all over the place. Eddie is great but they don’t need her in the studio, its all too busy for breakfast. We are all just waking up and the show is flashing and sliding more than Lunar park. Slow it down and give us back some news and finance. More of the respectable Nelson. Its not the cast that is the problem but the new format.

  4. I’m very disappointed in the way Nelson has pretty much been dumped since the relaunch. I don’t know why Eddy can’t talk entertainment with him every morning like Sam and Kochie did. I don’t think you can underestimate how important he is to the show but it seems Pell has unfortunately.

    1. Exactly. When Mel was on the show there was lots of banter between the hosts and Nelson. Now when he is on he gets cut off very quickly. My reading of this is that Nelson was an Adam Boland appointment and Pell is trying to put his own stamp on the show. He is slowly been pushed out in a very disrespectful way. The way the show is going I think Nelson will outlast Pell. Lets hope so.

      1. A little perspective please. Michael Pell has been running the show to ratings success for 5 years, so any stamp is well and truly embedded therein. Refreshes such as set and personnel changes will almost always result in a reaction, and the timing of the Sex & the City sketch didn’t help. I see healthy competition and audience shifting as a good thing (frankly primetime could do with more of it), because everyone steps up their game.

  5. I said in a reply to a previous post on this issue that simply High Definition is the reason why viewers are switching over and this just confirms it for mine, Seven have to hurry and get High Definition or lose out on more viewership.

  6. I am not surprised…there are 2 big elephants in the room in Sam and Sam. Both of them need to go. I still watch Sunrise in the morning but I tune out a fair bit these days especially when the weather comes on. Replace Sam with Eddy and other Sam with James and who knows maybe Kochie too but I blame Pell for this. He took to long to change things and now it’s backfiring…mind you I still don’t watch Today because of Karl and Richard Wilkins.

  7. My biggest complaint about both of the commercial breakfast shows, although I think Sunrise does it more, is the amount of stories that are effectively this: Youtube video has gone a little viral, lets talk to the people in the video. It’s not news! The people often have nothing of interest to say and it’s just a complete waste of time.

  8. I’ve given up on Sunrise (I’ve watched them ever since I was young) and switched to ABC breakfast. Sunrise is just constant banter between the hosts and irritating babbling and laughter. I’ve also noticed its become heavy on cross promotion of its primetime shows, which I choose not to watch and therefore don’t need recaps and interviews of contestants during my morning ‘news’ (they use that term very loosely).

      1. Yeah….to dominant. I don’t mind a quick mention or reminder, but when there is entire segments dedicated to a show with live interviews with contestants that have to pretend that they don’t know the outcome after filming, it totally puts me off.

  9. I find the Sunrise set very white and bright – the previous set was a bit more comfortable to watch. I don’t mind Sam Mac, but find the studio now overcrowded with presenters – the smaller rapport between the 4 at the desk isn’t as strong as before. What mainly makes me switch over though is the constant ‘breaking news’. Almost every story is apparently breaking or ‘just in’ – it’s so dramatic and almost immature!

  10. Even though the Today show’s set is as basic, cheap, ugly and unimaginative as its prime time line up, I’m still not a big fan of the new Sunrise set either. The desk and coffee table are too small and they haven’t made much of the windows. Sam Mac has to go, he was always the wrong choice. I’m sure there is less Nelson Aspen these days to which is a shame. Sunrise also has to focus less on sport and both shows have to stop replaying the same footage during segments over and over again (like YouTube videos)

  11. I think a big problem is Sam Mac. I enjoyed him on The Project, but every morning is overkill and he just doesn’t gel with the rest of the Sunrise team. Even as polarising as Grant Denyer was back in the day, he was still “watchable”, our household even enjoyed hating on him. But Sam Mac just seems like the wrong choice. As a long time Sunrise viewer, I find myself becoming very disinterested with the program this year as a result.

    1. Over the huge banners, and always breaking news. As to Sam Mac I think he’s still doing the Project flip around. Every segment has to have a comedic tag. Nothing is taken seriously or followed through. Take last Friday, Sam he met young boy who’d met Eddie the previous year, The boy said he’d love to meet Sam A, and Sam Mac said next cross we’ll do it. Did not happen on air.
      Agree with other posters too many on the desk at once. If Eddie wants to do all the entertainment news, do it from the wall. And Neslon was so much better with the USA entertainment news and he’s there…use him.
      Finally the weak link is still Sam A she is just too vacuous.

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