Update: Reno Rumble


Nine is moving on Reno Rumble following a dismal launch this week.

Instead of screening Monday – Wednesday next week, it will air 8pm Sunday, 7:30pm Monday & Tuesday.

This will at least ensure it does not compete head on with My Kitchen Rules on one of those nights, Sunday.

Next Wednesday Nine has repeats of The Big Bang Theory.

It’s still a non-ratings week, meaning so far none of the dire numbers have directly impacted on their annual share. That’s the only good news here.

Nine is already promoting You’re Back in the Room for Sunday April 3, so other plans are still under wraps.


  1. And another thing I’ve forgotten to mention is the annoying practice of doing home makeovers and renovations for people down on their luck. We see it on A Current Affair all the time, Nine even had a whole series devoted to it (Random Acts Of Kindness). And it begs the question, what about me? There are millions of low income earners, people with terminally ill kids or partners, etc who are living in run-down accommodation that needs urgent work yet they don’t have Nine paying tradies, builders, department stores, landscapers, etc etc to spruce up their home and replace their appliances. I’m sorry Nine but his type of TV has had its day and will never get ratings again, if in fact it ever did.

  2. It really is a tragedy seeing what has happened to Nine. When your entire programming revolves around The Block – a show that was axed then revived – you have problems. Reno Rumble was a moderate success last year because it came straight after The Block and there was still an audience for that genre. Now there is a whole FTA channel – run by Nine – devoted to reno and lifestyle shows. As for new programs, Blind Freddie can see that Daryl’s new show will be an absolute train wreck. A tired old format with a tired old host. There is a perception that Nine has missed the bus this year. Seven has successfully launched First Dates, TEN embedded a journalist from News Ltd into I’m A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here and that kept the vibe going for that show (and increased the ratings), yet all Nine can offer is a revival of a show that has failed three times (Australia’s Got Talent)…

  3. Reno reality has seen healthier days. Crowded House Rules will die a similar death. Next wave of reality shows will be extreme challenges like Survivor. It will be a run away hit for Ten.

  4. Come on 9, the show can’t be revived now. Its at the autopsy stage. You have cannibalised your audience with US shows on 9Life, where you can see 1 (or more) houses renovated in 60 mins vs. no one house renovated in a 75 min ep of Reno Rumble

  5. Maev....Sydney

    I watch very little on Nine…I gave up on their programming merry go round, a long time ago…they are the worst at moving shows around….for me….

  6. boy oh boy! you all have you theories… but you noticed something about the currents promos being aired for this Sunday on 9???……. I will give you a clue…..they don’t mention the name of the show!

  7. Totally agree with “paultv” think he has hit the nail on the head and don’t feel that moving this programme’s time will have much bearing on the outcome, once viewers move away from something this early in the piece they never seem to return to it again, but hope that nine will learn from this that they cannot keep people interested with so many shows basically all the same year after year and two and three of the same things in the one year. Think that nine need a big re-shuffle of staff.

  8. Surely the shareholders at Nine can stop Daryl’s new show from being shown. Their investment will be flushed down the drain if they don’t do something. Nine is turning into a basket case.

  9. 2 observations in this…,

    First of all, strange move from Nine to have it on Sunday one week and then probably not the next. It has enough problems finding an audience, so to expect viewers to chase it around the schedule seems a stretch.

    Secondly, there is no way it will start at 8pm Sunday, following 60 Minutes with 4 stories (including Brussels story). 60 minutes will run over, which will probably boost RR overnight figures. And this, after all, is what is usually initially reported by most media.

    • 60 minutes is no longer 60 minutes, it is more like 70-75 minutes now. Schedule listings are a joke and have been for at least the last 10 years.

      • As the old joke went “48 minutes of b_s_ and 12 minutes of commercials”, I think it’s safe to say that 60 Minutes is now well beyond a joke…

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