Logies 2016: Random Acts of Carpetness Pt 1

The stars spill on upcoming projects and reveal what it's like to walk the nation's biggest red carpet.

2016-05-09_2340aMarngrook Footy Show’s Grant Hansen and Wentworth’s Shareena Clanton

Hitting the zoo that is the Logies Red Carpet once again, TV Tonight chatted to stars from every network as the cameras popped and the fans screamed.

Once again, there were no questions about “Who Are You Wearing?” and “Who Do You Think Will Tonight?” Instead attention turned to recent & upcoming projects and even -what’s it like to walk the red carpet?


DAN O’REILLY on the next location for The Block:

“The soil is getting sorted out as we speak and contestants move in very soon.

“We’re starting at the end of the month, so it’s very exciting.”


STEPHEN CURRY on playing a serial killer in a film to be shot in Perth:

“I look at me and think I’d cast him a serial killer.

“Emma Booth was playing my daughter in Cloudstreet and now she’s playing my wife.”


TOM GLEISNER & ED KAVALEE on filming Have You Been Paying Attention? on Saturday night.

“Sam Pang is in Stockholm. I know that he and Tara Brown are working on something, so we don’t know how long he’ll be away for. Or whether he will come back at all.”



STEVE BAXTER on Shark Tank financing a pitch about a Sharknado amusement:

“What you didn’t see was me holding out for 20 minutes not wanting to do that deal.

“You don’t know unless you give something a go. I’m a huge fan of trying something.”



DARREN GILSHENAN on the reaction to Here Come the Habibs:

“It was based on people’s fears (which happens) when you take on any taboo subject. In the case of this it was about cultural differences. Let’s face it we live in a society that’s full of a lot of fear about those things. I think when the show came out people realised it was ultimately just a family dramedy. Two families at war, but within each there’s a lot of love. Similar to the premise of The Moodys with a lot of love and comedy.”



SCOTT CAM on whether Reality TV has “reno fatigue”:

“The right shows will work and The Block is a stalwart for the family who watches at home. If we do The Block justice and do a good show and work hard as we all do, I think we will be alright.

“Some work, some don’t. The Block is a proven show and we work really hard to make it different each year for the folks at home.”



PATRICK BRAMMALL on juggling so many projects, here and in the US:

“It’s really just plate spinning. As Yoda says, ‘Always in motion is the future.’ It’s especially so for freelancers. I can’t plan more than a month or so. I don’t know where I am going to be.

“They say ‘First World Problems.’ But I live in the first world. They’re all my problems!”



DAMIAN WALSHE-HOWLING on Janet King a new mystery project:

“People have been saying they really like the second season and feel like it’s stronger than the first. It is one of those shows where you have to be sharp an on-point to do it and to follow it. I just love the multicultural aspect of it and we need to see more of it. I’m not just saying that to be political, that is who we are as Australians.

“I’ve got another show coming up which I’m not allowed to speak about. We start shooting in June.”




Jenny Brockie: “It’s a great team and highly collaborative. There’s a lot of talking to come up with those ideas.”

Anton Enus: The amazing thing about Insight is you tune in for 5 minute and think ‘Cosmetic surgery, I’m not that interested,’ but then you get hooked because it has such substance to it. Except the puppies one.



WENTWORTH cast on their relationship with fervent fans:

Celia Ireland: “I don’t think any of us have a personal relationship, but what we are aware of is their support, on social media and how vocal they are. On my Facebook page there will be people from the Dominican Republic chatting to people from Paris.”

Socrates Otto: “They’re all connected.”

Kate Atkinson: “I’m not good at social media, but there are a lot of fans who will do things the old-fashioned way. So at work we’re always signing things and sending them off.”

Robbie Magasiva: “I’m doing a drama in NZ and hopefully, we can’t say at this stage, season five of Wentworth. Probably.”



MARC FENNELL on Lee Lin Chin’s Weekend Shift web comedy.

“It’s The Office meets Utopia meets Lee Lin which cancels out all of the above. It’s very surreal, weird and funny. I’ve only seen it once. It’s half an hour and we have a very good feeling it will become a thing. But it’s not me that’s making it.”


RYAN CORR on next projects:

“I’m doing a series Brisbane which I think will be announced tonight. And possibly a revamp of something that I’ve already shot. Things we’re discussing, but nothing I can actually tell you.

“No there’s no Packed to the Rafters, I can promise you that categorically.”


ANDREW WINTER on Selling Houses Australia‘s ratings:

“We’ve been de-throned by a couple of things, however, having said that it means Foxtel’s doing even better. Which is very important. We’re so lucky the following he show has. It’s just awesome.”

SHAYNNA BLAZE on why The Block isn’t filming outside Melbourne:

“Tell the councils to get their acts together. It’s about supporting The Block. They do a great job of showcasing the area and profiling the local community. But if they’re going to make it difficult, they can’t film.”


DANIELLE CORMACK on what it’s like on the other side of the red carpet rope:

“It’s painful. It’s good to talk to colleagues and see your peers but it’s trying to navigate trains on dresses, standing in uncomfortable high heels. But we have a new series  on Tuesday which I would love to talk about –but I can’t say too much.”

Still to come: Random Acts of Carpetness Pt 2

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