Renewed: Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders, Odd Couple,


New US procedural Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders has been renewed for a second season.

The series, which recently launched in Australia on Seven, will co-exist alongside original series Criminal Minds, recently renewed for Season 12.

CBS also renewed Matthew Perry sitcom The Odd Couple, which has aired in Australia on TEN.

But there’s no word on Limitless, also on TEN, or Rush Hour, coming soon to┬áSeven.

Meanwhile the axe has also recently fallen on Agent Carter, coming soon to 7flix, ELEVEN animated series Bordertown, and The Mysteries of Laura which aired on Nine.

Source: TV By the Numbers


  1. I found the new Odd Couple a lil boring with very few funny moments. Matthew Perry looks awkward in this role. Surprised this got a tick.

    • It is pretty dull. I watch it out of loyalty to Matthew Perry but the humour seems quite dated. I’m surprised as well that some new comedies are still containing to use laugh tracks, it’s very old fashioned.

    • TheGedemondan

      In recent years shows haven’t been given the chance to develop. A second season for The Odd Couple is hopefully the start of networks giving shows time to build an audience and for characters and story-lines to develop.

      • They’ve actually nearly finished the second season, the renewal is for the third. I think that they’ve set their benchmark unfortunately.

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