Returning: 2 Broke Girls, Mike and Molly.

Updated: One comedy returns to Nine after a long absence next week.


US comedies 2 Two Broke Girls and Mike and Molly return to Nine after a long absence next week.

2 Two Broke Girls is back with double episodes from 10pm next Tuesday, May 24th.

It picks up from S5E1 “And the Wrecking Ball.” This aired in the US last November.

Max and Caroline team up with the diner staff in a frantic attempt to keep their businesses open when the city targets Han’s diner and the cupcake window for destruction. Also, Sophie and Oleg announce that they are trying to have a baby.

Updated: Mike and Molly is now out.

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  1. David, just wondering if it is on in Melbourne? TV Week says that 8.30pm to 11.30pm is a show about Cats Vs Dogs then it’s NRL Footy Show. I know there are often schedule changes after the magazine goes to print, but sometimes things differ between states, mainly due to the different codes of football programming.

        1. Couldn’t agree more Archer. After all the work he did to make Ch 9 “Still the One” – now its just a generic, no personality sausage machine that has no feel, no regard for its viewers. Shame.

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