House Rules grand final on Sunday

Seven's renovation series wrap on Sunday night, flagging a revamped schedule.


Seven has now confirmed its grand final for House Rules will air at 7pm on Sunday night.

Tonight is the penultimate episode. Remaining teams are Luke & Cody, Fil & Joe and Claire & Hagan.

Teams hand over an incredible renovation to a hard working charity. Which two teams will impress our judges to lock in a spot to the House Rules grand final?

Seven is yet to confirm its remaining schedule but it has been teasing Cannonball, The Great Big Music Quiz, and Winners and Losers while more Make You LOL specials are confirmed.

Seven has confirmed it is already planning a new House Rules season for next year.

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  1. I’ve enjoyed the fact that House Rules has been nicely paced. Just enough episodes each week to do each reno, but not too many that you feel overloaded or can’t keep up if you need to watch an ep on delay.

    There’s only one deserving team – the twins – but of course these competitions don’t always go to the deserving.

  2. Should be a good finale, just proves RR wasn’t reno fatigue, just a crap show. Looking forward to the splash/water show, could be a good laugh with the kids, as for “the Big Music Quiz’ apart from a terrible title & blatant ripoff of RockQuiz & Buzzcocks, I cant stand the host, he is enough to not want to watch, ever, Ch7seriously need to review this one…

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