SBS on Demand: The Secret, Trepalium, Raised by Wolves.


SBS on Demand has announced a slew of further world dramas to its already-announced Icelandic drama, Trapped.

They include The Secret with James Nesbitt and Aussie Genevieve O’Reilly plus Trepalium, Raised by Wolves, Modus, Kabul Kitchen and 1864: Denmark’s War.

All 7 dramas are available in full from today.

From the director of critically-acclaimed movie Everest (Baltasar Kormákur), Trapped is a crime thriller reminiscent of an Agatha Christie locked room murder. Set in a small Icelandic town in a deep fjord in the east, Trapped follows the story of town sheriff Andri Ólafsson (Ólafur Darri Ólafsson) as a ferry approaches the town and a dead body is discovered in the harbour.

The Secret
Celebrated actor James Nesbitt (Babylon, Cold Feet) plays Colin Howell, a respected dentist and pillar of the community, who becomes a killer in partnership with a Sunday school teacher, Hazel Buchanan, played by Genevieve O’Reilly (Episodes, The Honourable Woman). Based on the shocking true story.

Raised By Wolves
Loosely based on the Wolverhampton childhood of award-winning UK journalist, columnist, author, and broadcaster Caitlin Moran, Raised By Wolves follows six socially-isolated, home-schooled siblings and their acerbic, highly capable mother Della Garry (Rebekah Staton)

Kabul Kitchen
The year is 2005. George Bush is president of the United States, Jacques Chirac is president of France and Jacky (Gilbert Melki) is the manager of the Kabul Kitchen, the only place where expats can party.

Brought to you by Emmy Award-winning writers Mai Brostrøm and Peter Thorsboe, Swedish detective thriller Modus follows psychologist and ex-FBI profiler Inger Johanne Vik (Melinda Kinnanman) as she finds herself and her autistic daughter drawn into an investigation surrounding a series of disturbing and brutal deaths.

Sci-fi lovers are going to be kept at the edge of their seats with this dystopian drama series straight from the screens of France. In a world where jobs are scarce, in a city where only 20 per cent of the population is employed – leaving 80 per cent permanently out of work – a young woman, Izia Kattel (Léonie Simaga), struggles to survive.

1864: Denmark’s War
Brought to you by the producers of Borgen and The Bridge, 1864: Denmark’s War is the next must-see Danish drama. A breathtaking historical epic with touches of noir cinematography, 1864: Denmark’s War is an epic tale of love and war with familiar stars from Borgen (Sidse Babett Knudsen, Pilou Asbaek) and The Killing (Søren Malling, Lars Mikkelsen).

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  1. Secret Squïrrel

    Trepalium has been showing as double eps from 11pm Mondays, and Denmark’s War on Tuesdays from 10:30. Can’t tell you what they’re like ‘cos I haven’t gotten around to watching either yet and will prob binge them.

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