Carols in the Domain moving to Sunday


Sydney’s Carols in the Domain is moving from a Saturday event to Sundays this Christmas.

It will be held on Sunday 18th December.

“There was overwhelming support for the event to switch to a Sunday which will be more family
friendly” said Executive Producer, Michael McKay.

“This year is all about celebrating our old traditions as well as embarking on a few new ones.”

Screening on a Sunday certainly won’t hurt its TV ratings either….

Now in its 34th year, the event will again screen on Seven and raise funds for the Salvation Army.

Reserved Ticketing will be released in August.


  1. Somebody let everyone who’s finished in the top 5 of x-factor over the last three years know their one appearance on TV this year will now be on a Sunday….

  2. Victim of this years calendar. December 17 feels too early for a carols show, while December 24 is impossible because of nine’s carols and it being a saturday.

    • I agree. 17/12 is very early because a few other states like VIC and TAS don’t finish the Term 4. I think it is a respect for every state & territory across Aus to have the CITD during the summer holidays

  3. As it doesn’t say, I thought I would ask… why is moving from a Saturday to a Sunday slot make it “more family friendly”… I would have thought the opposite might apply in that most people (kids or adults) wouldn’t have work or school commitments on a Sunday, where as some adults would still have work commitments on a Monday (although most school/college age kids would presumably be on summer holidays either way…) Maybe I’m missing something blindingly obvious, but I’m not sure why a Sunday evening slot (even within school holiday period) is more family friendly than the existing Saturday night slot…?

    • I am almost 100% sure it is a commercial agreement. NSW public schools don’t finish until the following Tuesday or Wednesday. Workers still have to go to work the next day. Saturdays are by far a better option for families.

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