Oops. Even Nine doesn’t know what channel its shows are on…

A press release for an Ab Fab marathon on GO! neglects to mention it's actually on GEM.

2016-08-02_0801Nine’s programming bounces around so much, sometimes even the Publicity department can’t keep up.

Today it sent out a press release trumpeting an Absolutely Fabulous marathon this Saturday and Sunday on GO!.

Just one problem: the marathons are on GEM.

GEM will screen episodes from 12midday Saturday on GEM starting with S1E1, “Fashion” and continue right through until the midnight hour. It resumes at 6pm Sunday.

Join everyone’s favourite sweetie darlings, Patsy and Eddy, and relive all their rude and crude moments in back-to-back episodes of Absolutely Fabulous from 12.00pm this Saturday, August 6, on 9GO!
Twenty-four years ago the world was introduced to Edina (aka Eddy), Patsy (aka Pats) and Saffron (aka Saffy) and it has never been quite the same. Eddy, played by Jennifer Saunders, “PR’d things … people, places, concepts”. She made the “fabulous” by making “crap into credible … the doll in doll-icious.”
Her partner in crime, Patsy, played by Joanna Lumley, was the blunt, forthright editor of a fashion magazine who enjoyed the high life, fashion, booze and cigarettes. She knew what was in and what wasn’t, and you just had to ask her: “Whatever I choose is cool because I am cool”.
The ridiculously over-the-top best friends were notorious for their inappropriate ways which took them on a rollercoaster ride of comical mishaps, but they sure knew how to enjoy themselves!
So this weekend put the champers on ice, get out the beluga and smoked salmon “nibbly things”, and enjoy a marathon with all your Ab Fab favourite episodes.
As Eddy would say: “Lights! Models! Guest list! Just do your best, darling.”
Saturday, August 6, and Sunday August 7, from 12.00pm on 9GO!

Or possibly on GEM.

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  1. How many shows did they appear on yesterday? Don’t know about anything during the day but were on The Project, HYBPA (possibly pre-recorded), all of Lateline (acknowledged as prerecorded), and possibly more. At 70 JL is sure doing the hard yards in promotion.

          1. Thanks Jason, but at 75 sometimes I don’t feel young!
            No, I meant when it was first on air around the early nineties I wasn’t keen on it but am willing to give it another try being 25 or so years older.

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