Tabloids target The Bachelor


It’s the downside of having a hit show.

The Bachelor has been the subject of wild tabloid stories that make filming it sound like an episode of UnREAL‘s fictional Everlasting.

New Idea, Woman’s Day and NW have all been in overdrive with speculative pieces about Richie Strahan and a demanding series shoot.

Producers have denied a report that suggest Strahan has gotten one of the ladies pregnant.

“Warner Bros. can confirm that there is no truth to this story. There was no positive pregnancy test found at the mansion,” they told Fairfax.

Host Osher Gunsberg also denied reports Strahan suffered from a high body odour.

“I’ve worked with Richie for six months now, through the heat of summer and some incredibly sweaty circumstances,” Osher told Who magazine. “Never once did I detect the faintest hint of pong.

“The only thing that stinks is the intentions of whoever spread that rumour.”

Meanwhile another unnamed source tells a mag of extreme schedules at the Bachelor mansion.

It notes strict rules about phone calls, no TV access, and a weekly stipend of $630.

“The cocktail parties were the hardest for them. They would start in hair and make-up at lunchtime and often filming would continue until the early hours,” they said.

“One particular night went to 6am, but hardly any wrapped before 4am. Then the girls would be woken up to do another 10 hours of interviews about what had happened and who had been sent packing.”

If shows like The Apprentice are any indication, producers may well be limiting contestant access to the outside world, and pushing the boundaries on filming. Having reality contestants close to the edge invariably leads to explosive, dramatic behaviour.

But it’s not all bad news. News Corp has been pumping out Bachelor stories, with no less than 6 stories on the Daily Telegraph’s home page last week -all at the same time.


  1. Surely the lack of phone calls, TV and weekly stipend aren’t news are they? If the ‘source’ is bringing tired stuff up like that they mustn’t have much, all the women would have known things like that going into it, it’s in their contracts.

  2. jezza the first original one

    I heard the odour rumour via my offspring so I guess they must have got that from social media somewhere…..watching s2ep9 of unreal right now on stan……I think it is fair to say there are some colourful characters in the mansion right now and a few drinks loosen them up a lot

  3. I’m surprised to see ads on Channel Nine promoting The Bachelorette US. Since The Bachelor (Aust) is a Channel TEN show I’m surprised at Nine buying the US version and promoting it because it would only be sparking interest in the local version on a rival network.

  4. TasTVcameraman

    And it just all adds to publicity, I enjoy the show but I do not read magazines at all. These stories are just to get people to purchase this dross.

  5. If contestants can’t handle the schedule then l am sure they would walk. Nothing comes for free in life. Sounds like a lot of sledging going on as most mags are affiliated to TV owners.

    • Secret Squïrrel

      Most mags are not affiliated with TV owners nor even TV network owners. New Idea is published by Pacific Media which is owned by Seven but the others are independent of TV network ownership.

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