Bathurst 1000 is king of TEN’s mountain


Will Davison’s win at Bathurst 1000 delivered TEN one of its biggest audiences of the year.

A whopping 1.41m viewers watched the Podium celebrations of the race, including 454,000 in Sydney and 378,000 in Melbourne. It was higher than the numbers for 2015 at 1.29m and 2014 when it pulled 1.35m on Seven. However finishing outside of primetime, it didn’t add directly to TEN’s primetime share.

The Block beat X Factor again, and 60 Minutes was well ahead of Sunday Night.

TEN’s Brock miniseries did good numbers at 828,000 attracting some caustic social media commentary -a shame it didn’t follow straight out of the Bathurst gate.

Nine network won with 30.5% then Seven 26.4%, TEN 21.8%, ABC 15.5% and SBS 5.8%.

The Block led for Nine with 1.16m viewers followed by Nine News (1.09m) and 60 Minutes (835,000). A repeat of Hyde and Seek was 342,000.

Seven News (1.12m) won its slot for Seven then The X Factor (914,000), Sunday Night (626,000) and Movie: The Hundred Foot Journey (335,000).

Following bumper numbers for Bathurst 1000, Brock drew 828,000 for TEN. Australian Survivor was 708,000, Modern Family was 584,000 / 392,000. TEN Eyewitness News was 383,000 in 3 cities.

On ABC it was ABC News (774,000), Grand Designs (719,000), Poldark (502,000) and Compass (279,000). Wolf Hall drew 231,000.

Life and Death in Herculaneum (212,000) topped the night for SBS then Treasures of Ancient Greece (191,000), SBS World News (186,000) and The Sex Changes that Made History (167,000).

Kung Fu Panda (231,000) on GO! was best on multichannels.

OzTAM Overnights: Sunday 9 October 2016.



  1. timmydownawell

    Ten will be very pleased with Survivor’s numbers. That was their 5th highest rating episode of the season, which is even more surprising since Sunday is their worst night due to The Block’s reveals. With the exception of the launch this was the first time a Sunday episode has broken 700k. So whether that’s due to some help from Bathurst, or the misleading promo (which admittedly said the blindside would occur “this week”) it obviously worked. Having said that, Survivor still came fourth in its slot; looks like viewer numbers were up from a normal Sunday right across the board.

  2. Great results for TEN. Good to see Aus Survivor pick up some extra viewers as a result. Great that Brock did well, I will have to catch it up later. However, they can’t expect great numbers at 9pm tonight….it’s just too late.

  3. I laugh every time I see the Xbox Factor ads speculating which night we will meet the Underdog Judge (Worst name ever). Of course it will be Wednesday night after the auditions have finished. If Mel B suddenly reappearing isnt a clue then the shadowy figure does. Either Mel B or Jessica Mauboy has to be a judge so she could star in that turkey drama on Seven.

  4. I don’t get why Ten don’t go into news after Bathurst in Sydney and Melbourne – a perfect opportunity to keep some of those 1.4 mil watching on Ten to try their news rather than sending everyone off to Seven and Nine for news – also would have been a good opportunity to refresh or promote the news which I thought I saw a few comments on twitter about how Ten news in Sydney was being promoted during Bathurst as having a new look or something (the parts of Bathurst I saw were ads for Survivor, Brock and Bachelorette overload with New Girl thrown in as well).

    At our place we went to Nine at 6pm where it stayed until 8.30pm when the recording of Aus Survivor was played, followed by Brock then part of 60 minutes.

    Yes, I too thought the blind side was going to be tonight. But I also thought the “11” being promoted in the Block was going to be a ridiculous 11/10 score from one judge,…

  5. I quite liked Brock even though seemed a bit drawn out, Bisley was a standout. Really interesting trends appearing with viewers though- people still like watching Reno shows and and adventure but 7’s Sunday Night seems to run hot and cold… three stories all hosted by Women – which is terrific – but it doesn’t translate to a ratings wins, why is this? Who loves a good shark story? We all do. The Sex assault story was an important one, but wonder with less than 4% of the population attending University I’m not sure Seven’s demographic would view this issue as a big problem with working class people .. whereas drug addiction (not to deter from the importance of the issue) and André Rieu… interviewed by KAK? What is this show’s audience? I’m so confused?

    • “I’m not sure Seven’s demographic would view this issue as a big problem with working class people”. Um… the days of only the elite attending university have long gone, thanks to HECS and HELP and whatever. I have two daughters in uni., one in Wollongong and one in Sydney. As a “working class” person I found this item extremely important, whereas the shark story looked like a ho-hum regional news item, and no surprise that the Andre Rieu piece was no more than a promo for his new CD/DVD and upcoming tour. Both 60M and SN dropped around 300,000 from their lead-in. The problem with programs on Sunday night is the staggered start times for everything. So, Seven’s “demographic”, with shows like The X-Factor, are us old working class people?

      • Hey Jason sorry to offend but I’m working class died in wool, I just think this story would have much better public debate if it was aired on the ABC. The kind of audience that watches House Rules, MKR, XFactor and Sunrise are 18-54… and not all of them go to Uni, actually less than 5% of them, that is all I’m saying. More people in Australia have swimming pools, does that mean we all want to watch a story about pool safety?

        For good, solid Current Affairs the basics haven’t really changed. First, you need a good story, then a strong promo… it’s all up to which show has the smartest people in the room with their finger on the pulse.

  6. Gee, Brock was pretty ordinary last night.
    Can understand some of the social media criticism.
    Steve Bisely was the best thing about it.
    I like Matthew Le Nevez but not his best role here. He did well with what he had to work with though…

  7. David I’d hazard a guess that Brock couldn’t follow the race directly after Bathurst due to classification reasons… don’t know if the language would have been appropriate. Won’t somebody please think of the children?

  8. The wife was ropeable with Survivor last night. Claims a lot of misleading advertising prior to the show about a big move/blind-side coming up and yet it voted off the sole survivor of one of the three previous tribes. She was not happy.

    • Think that advertising may have been referring to tonight’s episode.
      Those boys need to man up and and get rid of the “Witches of Eastwick” before it’s too late.
      How can they be so blind?

    • To be fair, they did say over two big nights. So I imagine it’s tonight that it’ll happen.
      Though not to put it past the TEN marketing team to tell half truths or exaggerate like they have done already with Survivor promos.

  9. Hi David, sorry to be pedantic but re. your picks of the day, HYBPA? is not on tonight because of the Brock miniseries, they said as much in last week’s show. Cheers 🙂

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