Secret Daughter wins three-way drama battle

Ratings: Hyde & Seek and Brock both fall in their second outings. Seven takes the night.


It was a three way drama battle last night, with The Secret Daughter winning its slot at 831,000, down slightly on last week’s 899,000.

Hyde and Seek fell from 878,000 to 694,000 while Brock tumbled from 828,000 to 526,000, third in its slot. Programmers need more adept planning if they want to better support their drama projects.

Earlier The Block was above the magic million, defeating X Factor and Australian Survivor -the latter was up on last Monday and second in the Demos.

Seven News and A Current Affair both won their slots.

Seven network won with 27.3% then Nine 27.2%, TEN 20.7%, ABC 19.4% and SBS 5.4%.

Seven News was #1 with 1.03m / 996,000 for Seven the The X Factor (833,000), The Secret Daughter (831,000), Home and Away (705,000), The Chase (618,000 / 397,000) and The Catch (459,000).

Nine News (1.01m / 990,000) led for Nine then The Block (1.01m), ACA (905,000), Hyde & Seek (694,000),  Hot Seat (521,000) and Australian Crime Stories (321,000).

Australian Survivor (760,000) was best on TEN. The Project drew 638,000 / 409,000, Brock was 526,000 and TEN Eyewitness News was 471,000.

Australian Story (816,000) was high for ABC. ABC News (777,000), 7:30 (766,000), Four Corners (615,000), Media Watch (587,000) and Q&A (473,000) followed.

On SBS it was 24 Hours in Emergency (203,000), Skies Above Britain (141,000), SBS World News (126,000) and Richard Hammond’s Wild Weather (106,000).

ABC2’s Octonauts topped multichannels with 241,000.

US Presidential Debate:
Seven: 210,000
Nine: 181,000
ABC: 160,000 / 153,000
SBS: 31,000

OzTAM Overnights: Monday 10 October 2016

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  1. Watched Brock. Not much good. 4 hours of my life that I won’t get back. I did find part 1 better than part 2 which could explain the ratings decline. I struggled through part 2 and only finished it because I had sat through part 1.

    Why is 9 obsessed with giving away plotlines in their next week promo’s. They kept going on about gold bullion in the promo for next weeks hyde and seek yet gold bullion hadn’t come up in the storyline so far. So now I’m all confused as to what gold bullion has to do with anything cause I’m trying to watch the show and don’t need 9 ruining it for me. There are ways to promote a show with ruining it 9.

    1. My time is too precious to waste more of it on something, just because I’ve already made poor use of it on that same thing. As with continuing to gamble to recover your losses, it’s very rarely worth it.

      I generously gave the first ep of Brock 30 minutes last night. It wasn’t awful but it was mediocre and there are better things to spend my time on.

  2. Agree with the comments here about too many local dramas competing with each other at the moment.
    I’m enjoying Doctor Doctor and The Wrong Girl – both good but not great.
    Hyde and Seek is OK, featuring some top class actors, but I’m not much of a fan of this genre.
    Attempted to watch the first ep of Secret Daughter but found it embarrassingly woeful.
    The plot and many of the characters are weak and David Field ‘s character in particular is cartoonishly ridiculous. He and Jess M. deserve better.

    1. I agree about Secret Daughter – it seems a bit silly at times. I only watch it because of Jessica Mauboy. I don’t follow Hyde & Seek cause it’s not a genre I usually watch. I would have to say, The Wrong Girl is the better of the 3 drama series on the commercial networks.

  3. Any drama that airs over two consecutive days suffers – should be over two weeks. Deep Water on SBS last week suffered huge drop from first to second day as well.

    As for the rest of them (Hyde & Seek, Secret Daughter, Wrong Girl, etc) there are that many encores that its getting hard to tell the original day and EPGs each night are filled with almost the same shows!

  4. David, I imagine Hyde And Seek will do well during encore screenings like last week. I will catch up with it on Wednesday night as I couldn’t record it as I was already recording Brock and Secret Daughter while watching something else.

  5. Ten stuffed it up by running Brock against the two other Aussie dramas. They should have saved part 2 for next Sunday night.

    Having all the Aussie dramas concentrated at this end of the year sees many actors appearing in multiple productions and sometimes their shows even compete against each other in the same timeslot.

  6. I watched Greys Anatomy last night as I don’t need to bother with Hyde and Seek live thanks to the Wednesday replay. Taped Brock and still haven’t seen any of The Secret Daughter yet.

        1. Thanks, I worked that out, re: Greys. I am hoping they improve the grittier storylines or it could be on it’s way out….
          I will still give Hyde a go, sometimes a slow burn crime drama is easier than a fast paced, “I don’t know who half these people are!”

        1. Yes the emotional baggage can get a bit repetitive sometimes. Probably needs a new character injection. I realise I made an error in my previous comment and I meant to say I’m not looking forward to new episodes as I have done previously. Thinking greys has lost its spark.

  7. It’s so odd how all of a sudden there are so many local dramas on the commercial channels after literally months and months of next to nothing. And then when they do finally put some to air, they put them all up against each other. Such poor programming and long term thinking involved. It really feels like the Australian networks plan their schedules, week to week with next to no thought of how and when to schedule entire series (think how channel nine programmed Love Child).

    1. And the winter months when many people are keeping warm indoors would love the option of Aussie dramas at night but alas now it’s warmer and daylight savings has set in there is an overload.

    2. I can’t understand it either. Winter is the time to schedule drama. There was hardly nothing over winter and now everything at once. Totally agree about how they botched love child’s programming this season particularly as there was no live Olympics in the early evening. I’d be very surprised if the rumours of another season were true after the way they scheduled it.

  8. Very close night.

    All networks can boast about something.

    Biggest disappointments were Brock & Hyde and Seek.

    X Factor still pulling 800-900k, but well down on previous years, on the back of The Block doing better than expected.

  9. Good to see this Australian Survivor episode match the promos…after the Sue promo a week or two ago we (my husband and I) were hesitant that the promo would not deliver on its promise. Great outcome for avid viewers though 🙂 certainly a game changer. Disappointing though that the 90 minute episode fell on the Monday night leaving Brock with a dismal result due to the late start time. Perhaps next Sunday would have been a better option in hindsight. This is what happens when all three commercial networks go up against each other. You would have thought The Secret Daughter would have settled in to the regular Tuesday slot, but Monday is paying off, despite not that good in the demos.

    My PVR can’t keep up with what’s on at the moment! We (the viewer) miss out when there is so much to offer on Monday and Wednesdays in the final few weeks of the year…

    1. I agree the PVR can’t keep up but have discovered that The Wrong Girl, Doctor Doctor, Hyde & Seek and The Secret Daughter are all being replayed about three or four (maybe even five) times each week. So it’s hard to miss any of the shows. The most frustrating thing has been that the channels have been putting a lot of ‘TBA’ on Friday and Saturday nights and some Sunday nights (well, it’s what my EPG is telling me). Thank goodness for iView (The Code) and SBS on Demand (Deep Water).

        1. Yeah, that Sue’s big move promo was pure BS, I was still waiting for it after she had left. It was a big move last night but I guessed it before the show started. The big blindside promo did not include Brooke, Sam or Matt!!! Still sad to see the last of my fave babes eliminated….Brooke….JL…..Phoebe….have been great to watch. Still plenty of eye candy for everyone else I guess….

      1. Yes, will make things more interesting.
        Wonder who Flick is intending to take along with her to final 2… if she makes it that far?
        Would have to be someone more unlikeable than her which will be hard.
        She will no doubt be gunning for Lee and Elle who would be sure to more popular than her with the jury.
        I think she has no chance of winning the jury vote anyway.

          1. Yes, it has been frustrating but still compelling viewing. Watching the “Mean Girls” finally implode is the most entertaining of all.
            Things will be no doubt pretty awkward between former “besties”, Brooke and Flick at the jury villa, if she’s voted off before the end…

          2. If I could be bothered I would search when there are Aussie drama replays but they sometimes aren’t announced until it’s too late.

            And agree ABC iView and SBS Demand are reliable alternatives.

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