Todd Sampson’s Bodyhack: Oct 25


This week on BodyHack Todd Sampson is high in the Himalayas, working with Nepalese Sherpas -no doubt his TV crew will be thanking him for that one.

Question …if the show is renewed does that mean Mr. Sampson faces a whole new round of gruelling enduring tests? Yikes.

Human guinea pig Todd Sampson climbs to extreme altitudes in the next episode of his remarkable and original series Todd Sampson’s BodyHack, putting puts his own life on the line and exposing his crew to extreme danger.

An experienced mountaineer, Todd has summited Mount Everest. Now he returns to the Himalayas to face the ultimate challenge of climbing as a Nepalese Sherpa.

Regarded as elite climbers, Sherpas are renowned for guiding foreign mountaineers to the very top peaks of the world. Charged with the critical task of opening mountains after each winter, they break trails and anchor safety lines that hundreds of lives will quite literally depend on. This is a dangerous task and one that most people never see.

Todd joins forces with a Sherpa team to open a Nepalese mountain called Lobuche East in time for the start of the commercial climbing season. Their mission involves trekking more than 50 kilometres to an altitude of more than 6,000 metres above sea level.

With only 12 days until the climbing season is open to the public, Todd, the film crew and the Sherpas must maintain a gruelling pace, but they ascend too fast for some of the crew’s bodies to cope. The plans to open Lobuche East grind to a halt, as the dangerous reality of altitude sickness takes its toll.

Battling exhaustion, sickness and weather, the team must scale sheer vertical walls of rock and have the choice to do so without a safety rope, Sherpa style. Can Todd put his fears aside and his body on the line to endure the ultimate challenge?

Tuesday, 25 October at 9.15pm on TEN.


  1. Dear Todd

    I hope the promise to fix that Nepalese boys toe was/ or is definitely going to be honoured. Can a follow up be posted at some point maybe on Ten?


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