Todd Sampson’s Bodyhack: Nov 8


In the season finale of Todd Sampson’s BodyHack tonight Todd is living with nomadic fishermen renowned for their incredible feats of underwater freediving.

Todd travels to the Celebes Sea in the western Pacific Ocean to live with the Bajau people, who have such a profound relationship with water that they rarely leave it.

Todd meets Sulbin, a Bajau living legend and one of the last of his culture to uphold the traditional ways of fishing. Sulbin is a freediver who hunts for food on the sea floor. He can hold his breath for many minutes and withstand the vast pressure of the ocean on his body.

Over seven days, Sulbin agrees to teach Todd the traditional methods of freediving, including how to control his breath. Todd also spends time with Sulbin’s extended family on a traditional Bajau boat. The family members source everything they need from the sea.

In the crystal clear waters of the Celebes Sea, the Bajau seem to live a serene life. However, Todd comes face-to-face with the realities of being stateless and the tragic price this community pays without access to basic healthcare.

Ultimately, Todd attempts to walk across the sea floor, but it means confronting his greatest fear of all: deep, open water.

Tuesday, 8 November at 8.30pm on TEN.


  1. Agreed on all counts.

    I lost interest after the 2nd episode. Too many fake overblown “cliffhanger” moments. Not enough illuminating and fascinating content.

  2. While I found the premise of this show quite exciting, it hasn’t lived up to expectation. I put it down to Sampson himself, who consistently over-played significant moments. I’m disappointed as I love him on Gruen, but he’s a bit hammy and over-dramatic on this ego piece.

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