Airdate: Todd Sampson’s BodyHack 2.0

Todd Sampson’s BodyHack returns to TEN at the end of the month, now rebranded as Todd Sampson’s BodyHack 2.0.

This season the show is less about extreme challenges and more about immersive experiences with some of the world’s most extraordinary cultures across the globe.

This season Todd will uncover night vision with the Matsés of the Amazon, come under fire with Iraqi frontline soldiers in the battle against ISIS, channel pain with the sādhu holy men of India, learn to fly with the kung fu masters of China, find the courage to run into a burning building with the firefighters of Washington DC and survive minus 40 degree temperatures with the Kazakh eagle hunters of Mongolia, all in the name of science.

Experiencing the human condition in all its glorious forms, Todd will take viewers on a visually fantastic journey from the frozen wastelands of Mongolia to the steaming jungles of the Peru, to witness first-hand the ability of our species to go beyond the limit.

8:30pm Thursday May 31 on TEN.


  1. I can’t believe Australia is still making shows were they add 2.0 on the end of titles. The rest of the world stoped thinking that was a thing about 5 years ago. So funny.

  2. Still trying to promote this geek as a macho action man, I see. We don’t want him as an ad guru, we don’t want him as a scientist, we don’t want him as an action man or any other phoney persona the ABC slaps him with. Just go away, Todd.

    • A bit harsh. He’s just doing his own kind of reporting. He’s also putting his body on the line and straying well out of his comfort zone. Fairly brave, at the risk of looking try hard yes, but at least he’s trying to do something different. If he didn’t do it on his own, had a couple of buddies, he wouldn’t have to talk to camera and would come across a great deal more endearing, accessible and little less marmite.

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