Sex Box to air on ABC2


In a somewhat surprising move UK reality series Sex Box is to screen on ABC2 next week, with couples having sex inside a TV studio “box” and having a post-coital interview with the show’s hosts.

The 2013 series first debuted in Australia on SBS 2, followed by a US adaptation.

Now season 2 will air on ABC2 as part of a themed Dating & Mating week, next week.  

Sex Box 2 aired in the UK in April.

Steve Jones and the Belgian sexologist Goedele Liekens present the show full of frank and funny information on how to improve your sex life.

This new series of Sex Box is packed with insight, laughter, and practical advice.

With a specially commissioned survey of sexual attitudes and how-to visual guides to sexual techniques, the series tells you all you ever wanted to know about sex, but were afraid to ask.

Sex Box is a unique television experience that gets us all talking more openly about sex, and shows us how to have more fun in the bedroom!

Season 1 originally screened as part of Channel 4’s Campaign for Real Sex season which looked at how pornography is affecting our lives and our sex lives.

Across a week of programming, ABC2 and iview gives modern day dating and mating the prime time treatment. At the heart of the week, and opening-up the heart of the nation, Tom Tilley hosts a live debate which asks: Is modern dating a disaster or a dream come true? Hack Live: Swipe Right hears directly from young Australians on the dating frontline. Tom will also be talking relationships all week on triple J’s Hack program, 5.30pm weekdays. Premiering every night on ABC2, and stacked on iview, is the new Australian series No Strings Attached. From the team behind Tales From Tinder, this series uses puppets to re-enact actual dating app dates told by the people who’ve survived them. Guaranteed to make you laugh, and possibly think twice about swiping right. With a wide selection of comedy and documentary programming, there’s an abundance of experiences on offer; from ancient rituals in The Gypsy Matchmaker, perils of the online world in The Girl Who Became Three Boys, Sexters, Revenge Porn, a new free-to-air season of Catfish, series 4, the Japanese Love Hotel, Louis Theroux’s Swingers, The Agony Of Flirting the awkward First Dates UK and covert Sexy Beasts. Amy Schumer will talk Mostly Sex Stuff, and if that isn’t awkward (and hilarious) enough, there’s the enlightening double act that is an encore of Australia’s Luke McGregor’s Luke Warm Sex teamed with a brand new season of Sex Box. Season two of this controversial series is hosted by Steve Jones and Belgian sexologist Goedele Liekens, and once more aims to get people talking openly and honestly with their partners about their sex lives. It’s not for the faint hearted. It’s either never been easier or never been harder, to find your mate. What do you think? It’s time to get real about the state of our dating and mating nation. What does an honest conversation about hooking up today look like? It’s time to find out. Everyone deserves a happy ending…

Sex Box airs Friday 2 December, 9.40pm on ABC2.


  1. Well, actual sex acts have been a reality for a number of years courtesy of European mainstream cinema, with streaming and pay TV productions testing the water with explicit content it is just a matter of time before actors stop acting during sex scenes.

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