Vale: Don Marshall


US actor Don Marshall, best known for Land of the Giants and Julia, has died, aged 80.

He died peacefully with family at his side, according to reports.

Marshall had a recurring role as Dan Erickson in the late 1960s sci-fi Land of the Giants.

Among his other TV guest roles were as one of Diahann Carroll’s boyfriend on Julia and roles on Star Trek, Bewitched, The Bionic Woman, The Incredible Hulk and Little House on the Prairie.

Marshall once said of his early career, “There weren’t that many jobs, guest starring jobs, for African-Americans or any minorities, really. I was very grateful to get the opportunities I got, and it made me work very hard on each part, to make sure that whatever I was doing was right and that the characters I played were very strong people. I tried to bring out the best in the person I played.”

Source: Variety


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