Reality TV addicts enter TEN’s jungle

Half the cast in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here have featured in other Reality TV shows.

The cast was revealed on air last night, following leaks in the media and two advance confirmations.

The ten celebs are:

Ash Pollard: Foodie and reality television star.
Casey Donovan: Singer, actor and author.
Dane Swan: AFL superstar.
Jay Laga’aia: Actor and singer.
Lisa Curry: Olympic and Commonwealth Games champion.
Natalie Bassingthwaighte: Actress, presenter, musician and author.
Nazeem Hussain: Television, radio and stand-up personality.
Steve Price: Radio shock jock and television personality.
Tegan Martin: Australian beauty queen and reality television star.
Tom Arnold: Television and film star and stand-up star.

So far the group lacks a star to rival Maureen McCormick from Season One (sorry Tom, Marcia Brady came with ready-made audience sympathy and pop culture) while Shane Warne was a superstar addition to Season Two.

Whilst I have faith someone will prove to be a surprise package, it’s hard to get excited about folk who are seasoned reality experts.

Updated: Ash Pollard appeared on My Kitchen Rules and Dancing with the Stars. Lisa Curry showed us her reality TV act in Celebrity Apprentice in 2011 and Celebrity Come Dine with Me. Tegan Martin was in the flop 2015 series of Celebrity Apprentice. Casey Donovan started in Reality TV, winning Australian Idol. Jay Laga’aia was in Celebrity Big BrotherNatalie Bassingthwaighte has both hosted and judged Reality TV (ok I guess she’s never been a contestant).

But the inclusion of Tom Arnold could prove newsy given he said in December that he has tapes of Donald Trump using racial slurs and assorted insults. If TEN airs more details of Arnold’s claims it could nab headlines worldwide.

Tonight the show faces stiff competition, against the debut of both My Kitchen Rules and Married at First Sight.

TEN is teasing more faces to enter the jungle tonight with a male model and socialite, both with famous ex-partners. Cue further chatter about Kris Smith, Brynne Edelsten and Tziporah Malkah (formerly known as Kate Fischer)….?


  1. Quoting the Betoota Advocate:

    Last night Channel Ten debuted what has been the longest ever advertisement for South African Tourism in the shape of their new reality TV show “I have a medium-sized social media presence! Get me some work”.

  2. Dane Swan could be interesting. I think at some stage he will totally forget the cameras are on and just start blabbering on about things.

    Seriously Ash from MKR. She has gone from MKR to DWTS now this. Next she will be the next Bachelorette. I bet she contacted 10 to go on it because 7 arent really using her. I don’t know, I don’t like these reality stars just going from one reality show to another without doing much else.

    At least the rest have done something on there own.

  3. What a sorry mob! As a Star Wars fan, Jay Laga’aia gets my support and Tom Arnold is surely a soundbite goldmine of headlines waiting to happen but those two alone aren’t enough to even tease my interest.

  4. I think Tom Arnold is going to be great. I’ve always liked him and he will be good value. Steve Price should be good too. Can’t really say much for the rest of them. Oh, the Collingwood dude should be interesting too I guess.

    • really? i think Tom Arnold was a really bad choice, i’ve never disliked him as such but he was hardly a sitcom ‘star’ as they kept promoting. He played a fairly minor part in Roseanne & i just looked it up, only 20 episodes worth at that! He hasn’t starred in any other comedies, none that were popular in Australia anyway.
      So far he’s proved to be boring as bat shit, early days yet though i guess. But i agree with David, he’s no Maureen McCormack or Shane Warne, this season lacks the ‘wow’ factor.

  5. The Things I've Seen.

    I’m guessing the celeb going in tonight is Gabbi Grecko. Based on the clues. Famous Ex (Geoffrey Eddilston) and made headlines with her “walk” through Melbourne.

  6. I know that shock jock Steve Price is currently in the jungle but normally on Mondays he does the guest presenting on The Project. Who fills in for Steve Price as the next guest presenter on The Project?

  7. So what’s the plan for the live stream this year?

    First series they gave us a live stream via tenplay after the show finished for the night, then second series they included the live stream as part of a behind the scenes show on 11 hosted by Joel Creasey and Heather Maltman. Now what’s going on for this series? A real bummer if they’re not providing anything extra this time.

  8. I reckon the “socialite” could be Roxy Jezenko or the former Ms Kate Fischer.
    Roxy, in particular, seems to love the limelight, was on Celeb Apprentice with Tegan and like so many former Celeb contestants, would use the show as a platform to set the record straight.

  9. I think your being a tiny bit harsh David. While I understand your point of them being in previous reality shows. Lisa, Casey and Natalie are known for other things and have successful careers in those and are not just trashy reality wannabes like Ash and Teagan. As far as star power goes I think that’s personal preference I wouldn’t say Maureen was a superstar but just a former child actor while others who grew up in that era would have a higher liking for her.

  10. Was really a, shall we say, barrel scrape, of entrants last night. Jay & Nat Bas woo hoo, lisa sure, & Tom Arnold could be great, aside from that look of “im gonna kill my agent” which was gold, but as for the others, well, Nazeem should give some laughs, no idea who Teagan is I cant stand MKR so…Still, always a good laugh

  11. I might miss all three shows and continue to enjoy day light savings….surprised Married at First Sight is on a few nights a week? I thought it was on once a week last year? Obviously keeping The Block for a better time of year when they know they can beat MKR.

    I wish 10 all the best with all their offerings this year that provide a point of difference…funny thing is now 7 and 9 have dating type shows so maybe 10 should be flattered…

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