Returning: Gogglebox

Season 5 of Gogglebox Australia begins in mid-February, just in time for the cast to take aim at a bunch of new shows (good luck with that wig, Josh Lawson!).

All of the cast is returning.

The TV Week Logie Award-winning show about people watching television takes viewers into 11 Australian lounge rooms to capture the often hilarious and heart-warming reactions of some of the country’s most opinionated and avid television viewers.

The new season is sure to leave audiences with memorable and entertaining quotes like Holly Dalton’s Australian Survivor-inspired survival tips: Kate, “What are the key things to survive?”; Holly, “Shelter, food, fire… and, um, shoes!”

And the romantic moment Keith knew his wife Lee was the one: “I reckon I fell in love with you, second time I saw ya”; Lee, “Second time I seen you, you had some girl all over a table kissing her!”; Keith, “Yeah but then I looked at you.”

All of the much-loved Gogglebox Australia households from Season 4 are returning for Season 5: best mates and larrikins with a thirst for life Adam and Symon; bubbly Greek best friends Anastasia and Faye; cocktail-loving Wayne and Tom; the sports-crazy Jackson family; the fun-loving and cricket-mad Delpechitra family; vivacious friends and housemates Angie and Yvie; the Indigenous art dealers Mick and Di; the close knit Dalton family; the happily married couple Lee and Keith; the three generations of women in the Silbery family; and old high school acquaintances and housemates Zina and Vivian.

7.30pm Wednesday, 15th February on LifeStyle
9.00pm Thursday, 16 February on TEN.


  1. Can’t wait! Just wish there were more episodes per series. I look forward to it coming back on air and then the series is over before you know it. I’d happily watch it every week for the whole year. Please give us more more more 🙂

  2. I was dubious about this show at the start but its pretty funny. Its just the dumb stuff we all say when watching shows with friends and family but edited well.

    I do hope however that these people are getting paid well as this must be the cheapest TV show ever to be made. No sets, fixed cameras, no wardrobe plus the whole show is an advertisement.

  3. This is just a poor dull copy of the UK version. There is nothing appealing about this cast. Have the people have been cast because they are similiar to what worked in the UK. Please these people are just so dull ….. get rid of this crap

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