Returning: Gotham

Gotham is finally returning to screens this week on GO!

Ask and ye shall receive?

Gotham is finally returning to screens this week with Season 2.

It’s back with a double episode premiere from 10:20pm Saturday January 7 on GO!

This first premiered in the US in September 2015, where S3 is already underway.

“Damned If You Do”
In the season two premiere, Penguin is now King of Gotham and Gordon seeks his help when his moral compass wavers. Meanwhile Bruce Wayne explores his father’s secrets.

“Knock Knock”
After reinstatement, Gordon is given the high-profile case tracking the deadly inmate escape from Arkham, while Bruce enlists the help of his father’s old friend to unlock secrets.

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  1. I consider Gotham to be the top pick of the current DC universe batch, it’s production and plot as well as acting is streets ahead of Arrow and Flash, with Lucifer coming a close second thanks to actor Tom Ellis.I have to smile at the fans who obviously cannot wait for FTA to basically stuff up whatever enjoyment they may gain from their perseverance with commercial TV.

      1. Gotham season two was terrible, it got crazier and more ridiculous with each episode. At least season one with the mob wars was somewhat grounded and realistic (as much as a show like this can be). You’re better off watching Arrow and The Flash

  2. Way too late to get Gotham back on air legally. I’ll go out and by the DVD when it’s released but I’ll just keep pirating the new episodes until 9 can catch up as I’ve gotten to far into the season and the entire story to wait for 9 to catch up
    But I do recommend that anyone who watched S1 should watch S2. The story line is brilliant with lots of plot twists. Heaps of new characters introduced including the Pre-Batman era Joker and Pre-Batman Riddler. *mini-spoiler* S2 picks right up from S1 where Bruce found the secret staircase behind the fireplace.
    This show is a must watch for any comic fans or anyone looking for a Drama with a comic twist. But make sure you start from the beginning of the series otherwise it won’t make sense. Definitely recommend.

    1. I was about to ask the same question. I just had a look at one forum (while trying to not see spoilers) and most on there suggest season 2 is better than season 1 (especially after the 1st 5-7 episodes).

      But the other question we have to ask is: Do we trust 9 to keep showing it?

      1. Do we trust Nine to show them consistently? *chuckles* Based *laughs out loud with tears running down my cheeks* Based on Nine’s half-a*sed attempted for last season absolutely not. But I guess last season we weren’t a year and a bit behind the U.S so maybe Nine will actually try.

        1. Cool, thanks for the response. Just found the “waiting for Netflix” curious, that’s all. Normally people cant wait for FTA and insist on pirating, I see your point about HD/no ads, would be great but merely a pipe dream for commercial FTA.

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